To be happy and be single, you must first be happy with yourself.

You cannot rely on anyone else in life to make you happy, the happiness comes from within.

To start you need to look for the good in all you have, not focus on what you don’t have, which would be a partner in this particular situation. You must be able to meet all your needs on your own.

First, love yourself, love you body, your face, your personality, your environment. Look in the mirror and see your beauty on the outside and the inside. When you see that beauty, when you feel that beauty, you easily present that beauty to the outside world. Look in that mirror and tell yourself, I love you, I love everything about you. If you feel there is something
you don’t love about you, you bring your awareness to that area and you focus on how to change those things, and work toward being a better person. You accept yourself for who you are but you always work toward bettering yourself.

Second, you love your surroundings, you look for the things you DO have, not what you don’t. You count your blessings for food, for shelter, for comfort, for joy. You see the love you DO have in your life. You can get love from many places, not just in a significant other. You give and receive love from your family; you give and receive love from your friends, and even your pets. You contribute to others and to the growth of yourself as a person.

You find ways to feel secure in the life you have now and you find ways to add variety to your life as well. You take trips with friends or you try something new. You master the art of learning to put yourself first and meeting all these needs on your own.

When you are able to accomplish all these things, and notice all these things, you can easily attract a person you want, not need, into your life. That person is a bonus, they are extra love and support, and they are an add-on to the enhancement of your life, not a missing piece to your puzzle. As much as we all love the line, “You complete me,” we all need to be complete already, two wholes coming together to reach something even greater than each is alone. However being single should not be a reason to feel lonely, you must feel any voids you might feel from within or from others in your life that can contribute to your nature and your fulfillment in life.

Take matters into your own hands and embrace what comes your way, focus on loving what you do have, and more love will come and find you!

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Personal Life Coach Laura Ann Allahverdi partners with clients to guide them in making life transforming changes in their minds and in their lives. Laura prides herself on how quickly her clients achieve things they never thought possible, and make long lasting changes in their lives. Whether you need to make a small change in your mind or a big change in your life, Laura guides you to that success of inner peace, happiness, prosperity and joy! Her teachings, techniques and philosophies will enlighten you even if you can’t possibly see how anything could change in current situation. You will enjoy a self exploration that will change your relationships, the way you live and see the world and bring you success in whatever you wish to achieve.