So you've broken up with the person you love and you want them back. Really, how can you be the same person giving the same romance after a break up? It does not simply apply that when you will get back again, same romance can be given; it is actually hard to do it especially when it took a month before you meet again.
Yes it will not be an easy process but there are 5 easy ways to be romantic after a break up that will be of help for you to express your feelings. The best tips are necessary in helping you share romance with your ex after getting back together and also to make your ex feel that he/she is still loved by you no matter how long the time has kept you apart.

It's important to remember, however, that you need to respect your ex's wishes. If you're calling and stopping by and they want you to stop, you need to stop. But stopping you does not really mean you have no chance to be romantic with him anymore. But you need to understand that your gesture can only be received effectively by your ex if and when you do it with right timing. Please, do not beg or bother your ex when he wants some space for now. Grant them the space they need and get away from them this time. In time, romantic gestures will be of use for your ex and when you do it, he will be surprised by you and your ways.

Tip one: give beautiful flowers. Do not immediately do this right after you allow your ex the space they need. Wait a little while then send a bouquet of their favorite flowers and have them delivered. Have the flowers delivered not at the place of work but maybe in their house or something in private. It's safe to be delivered at home. And do not even attempt to write on card attached with the flowers your hopes and wishes on being together. Just write simple and caring message for your ex such as "I hope you have a good day", "keep safe", etc.

Tip two: focus somewhat your attention on your ex. If the time is right, call your ex and start any contact with them and if you need to stop, do so. But don't talk about yourself or what you want. Offer some help if they need one. Do this without the pressure of anything in return.

Tip three: it's time to be extra thoughtful for your ex. After some time has passed, send them a thoughtful card or gift that's obviously just for them. If they have exams coming up or a tough project at work, send a card of encouragement about it without mentioning yourself. For a birthday or any type of occasion, instead of the fancy gift, wash their car or give them something practical to show that you care.

Tip four: even without including yourself, you can still be romantic to your ex. Surprise them with two tickets to a movie or play designed for them to take someone else. See, no pressures and your ex may even ask you to come with them.

Tip five: for love, give up something that you know they really like. Whether or not it was a CD or a SHIRT or something that you can buy and replace, with your own good will, give it to them.

Learn those 5 steps for you to be romantic after a break up and eventually to help you be reunited this time.

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Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Jason Hicks’ Second Chance Romance Review and the tips on how to Bring Back a Lost Love.