Learning how to be patient with people can be challenging for some. After all, not everybody is gifted with eternal patience. The good news is that it is something that can be learned and eventually perfected.

Let me show you how to be patient with people.

Step 1: Think Of Them Fondly.

When the customer before you takes ages to pay for his or her groceries, doesn't that just grind your gears? You tap your foot impatiently and cough every now and then; but no, the customer is still not hurrying up. It takes all of your power not to make a scene.

However, if you picture that customer to be someone you like (say your partner or your crush), then you will find yourself not getting too annoyed, right?

So the next time you find yourself losing patience with somebody, simply visualize that person to be someone you really, really like and your patience will extend its life.

Step 2: Whistle A Happy Tune.

The second step on how to be patient with people involves whistling. When you whistle a happy tune, you are instantly uplifted.

You can hum your favorite song if you can't whistle - it really doesn't make a difference. What's important here is that you did something that makes you feel good. And when you feel good, you are more inclined to be patient with the people around you.

Step 3: De-stress.

When you're stressed, it's almost impossible to learn how to be patient with people. Before you can even think of tapping into your inner Mother Teresa, you've got to find a way to relax first.

If you know you're going to be in a situation where your patience will be tested, meditate or get yourself a massage first. Don't dive into anything unless you've managed to cleanse yourself off of negative vibes.

Here's a formula you need to remember: the more stressed you are, the faster you'll lose your temper. The less stress you have in your life, the longer your patience.

Learning how to patient with people is not a necessity in life. You've seen people who manage to survive day to day with incredibly short tempers after all. But do you really want to live like they do? If, however, you want a life that has better quality than that, then just follow these steps and embrace the fact that patience is a virtue.

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