For all of your adult life you have been able to communicate and express your inner thoughts without any problem. You are able to talk to friends, family and colleagues in a calm and confident manor and going to an interview is not really any different. You are able to articulate what you want to say in an intelligent and coherent way and you are very experienced at talking and thinking; you do it every day.

The more prepared you are for a job interview, the less anxious or nervous you’ll feel. Bring extra copies of your resume and, if appropriate, a portfolio of your work if important. Mental preparation is critical. Like it or not, job interviewers can usually tell whether or not you are an ideal candidate for the job within the first minute, so first impressions are so important. Always dress for success be on time. Be diplomatic and turn answers that could end up sounding negative into positive answers. And most important be in the right frame of mind.

As long as you remain calm and relaxed, then you can express yourself in a calm thoughtful and confident way with anybody in any situation. It’s just a state of mind, think about it. In an interview situation, you are two fellow adult human beings talking. You are both equal. The interviewer is interested in hiring your services and you are interested in offering your services. You both must meet in order to establish whether you are suitable for the job and whether the job is suitable for you. Remember you have made it this far so they must see something in you that they like. They have likely gone through many candidates and resumes and have picked you to bring in for an interview. Hundred’s of people applying for the same position probably did not even make it that far. Have confidence in your resume and be proud of it and what you have accomplished. Remember it is your accomplishments on your resume that have gotten you this interview. Keep in mind you are also interviewing them, in a way, to see if this is a job you want. Keeping this frame of mind may take the pressure of. Ask lots of questions, actually interview them. This flips the pressure around, puts them on the spot and takes it off of you. Remember interviewers get nervous too, amazing as it may seem. It will also show the person interviewing you that you are genuinely interested in the position. Have a list of 10 questions written down about the job, even if you have to pull the list out. It shows that you did your homework and are really taking this interview seriously.

You also may want to look on the internet to find commonly asked job interview questions. Before your interview have a friend interview you asking you all of these questions. Let your friend throw in some other questions that you have not prepared answers for. Practice relaxation as you tackle these questions. Breathe long deep breaths. Have your friend give you feedback on how you are doing. You may be doing better than you think. At the interview, remember you are two mature adults discussing various issues around the job and about yourselves, acting calm and confident yourself could help the interviewer to be at ease allowing you both to feel comfortable in each others presence. Good Luck!

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Mariah Shipp (CCH) is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. She was the owner and director of the Halcyon Center for personal growth for 10 years and has been in private practice as a hypnotherapist/counselor since 1990.
She brings over 32 years of experience in the field of personal growth, psychology, addictions and the healing arts. She has helped hundreds of people achieve happier and healthier lives through her therapy. Mariah has created over 80 MP3 downloads on her website for people's most common issues to support her therapy. Some examples are: Self-Esteem, Grief, Anxiety, Phobias, Relationship Challenges, Depression, Addictions and Eating Disorders just to name a few. She also does custom recordings as well as phone sessions if you are not near her office in Carlsbad, Ca. You can find her recordings on her website.

Mariah has helped many others as well as herself to break some of their lifelong patterns in a safe and enjoyable way.
Hypnosis is a very powerful tool for self-awareness and personal growth.

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• Hypnotherapist 1990 Heartwood Institute, Garberville, Ca.
• Master Hypnotherapist 1990 Heartwood Institute
• Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist 1990 Heartwood Institute
• Certified Addictions Counselor 1990 Heartwood Institute
• Alchemical Hypnotherapist 1992 Alchemical Hypnotherapy Institute, Denver, Co.
• Transpersonal Hypnotherapist 1993 Transpersonal Hypnotherapy Inst., Boulder, Co.
• Univ. of Santa Monica, Masters in Spiritual Psychology program, 2000 Santa Monica, Ca.
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