Instagram is one of the social networks that have gained rapid growth in the 20th century. It allows users to follow each other and like photos. When combined, this two can make one famous in the society. Anyone can become an Instagram celebrity but the main challenge is how to break through. Many have been trying to become famous on Instagram with no success simply because they don’t know the path they should take. This article is aimed at helping you achieve your goals of becoming an Instagram celebrity.

For you to become an Instagram celebrity, you should aim at increasing your followers. To achieve this, you need to do the following;

Username.. Before choosing an Instagram username, you should consider your personality. You should choose a name that reflects your personality in order to attract more followers. Try to get help from the name generator if you have any trouble choosing the right username. You can use to help you in the exercise.

Profile photo. Upload your real photo instead of using objects or pictures of other people. This will help people to identify you faster. An important point to note here is that you should upload a good quality picture or a creative one that will get your followers’ attention.

Buy followers for Instagram. You may be wondering how this is possible but you don’t need to since it’s easy to buy followers for your Instagram account if at all you have the financial capabilities of doing that. All you do is link your account to a service and make payment according to their terms. The cost that these services charge is $3 USD per 100 followers. However, this cost can increase depending on the number of followers you want to buy i.e. the more the number, the higher the cost.

Don’t disappear. Your account should not be inactive since this will make your followers to forget you very fast. You should post two to three photos a day to make your account maintain its relevance.

Encourage friends to join Instagram. We all have friends and not all of our friends have an Instagram account. You should encourage this kind of individuals to create an account. By so doing, your number of followers will increase which will contribute to your fame.

Link your account to other social networks. There are other social networks that have a massive number of users. You can link your Instagram account to such social networks for more users to identify it. Examples of such social networks are Facebook and Twitter.

In summary, the road to being an Instagram celebrity is tough for many of us but I can assure you 100% success on your road to becoming one. For you to succeed in becoming an Instagram celebrity you MUST choose a suitable username, upload a high-quality photo of yourself which can also be creative, buy Instagram followers, always keep your account active, encourage more people to join Instagram and link your Instagram account to other social networks. If you carefully follow this lead, your ambition of becoming an Instagram celebrity will be quickly achieved.

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My name is Elaine and I'm a self proclaimed "do it yourself addict". I am the mother of the best 11 year old boy ever and my husband's not too shabby either