OSHA estimates that employers pay about 1 1 billion per week directly to workers' compensation costs. The OSHA suggests that these costs often lead companies to take a hard look at the cost of workplace accidents, here are some examples:

• Direct cost
• Indirect costs
• Workers' compensation payments
• Medical expenses
• Legal services
• Repair of damaged equipment and property
• Training changed employees
• Accident investigation
• Implementation of corrective measures
• Lost productivity
• Low employee morale
• Employee absent

Ergonomic devices are thus designed for specific functions and environments to improve health and safety. Simply put, ergonomics is about fitting functions and tools to the user. Ergonomic safety devices in a manufacturing plant or assembly line are often made according to the specific requirements of that company. The Material Handling, a materials online magazine that deals with the comprehensive coverage of safety solutions for handling professionals, has dozens of articles about companies investing in better ergonomics of workers.

Safe material handling equipment

For an example of a custom design,equip2go.com.au turn to a major company that needs material handling and tooling fixtures that will “safely and effectively” remove 1) aircraft tires from the rim, 2) mount the new tire, and 3) seal the bead. The Valley X Company was called in for the job. His engineering team was able to successfully integrate three phases into just one custom fixture with additional safety features to enhance employee ergonomics.

The end result was a “waist-level” fixture that easily adjusts multi-size tires and proximity rails to prevent tors porters from getting their hands on the pinch during operation.

• Tooling’s stability reduced safety accidents and workers ’confidence.

• This custom material handling solution helped the company streamline its process, with a 30% reduction in labor.

• The custom design of the Valley Box also expanded the capabilities as there was no problem adjusting the product lines to accommodate multiple sized wheels.

• The company experienced increased productivity with better shop throughput time.

• The stability allowed the company to vacate the shop floor space and provide more square footage free of charge to increase production and productivity.

Custom fixtures for Material handling and tooling equipment

The variety of content management and tooling tools that can be adapted to fit your facility or other work environment is plentiful and does not include:

• Multi-use system: product builds stand, vibration damping, isolator, staging stand, shipping / handling and more.

• Positioning Equipment: Stock Movers, Hydraulic Post Tables, Work Holding Systems, Assembly Stands, Work Platforms, Stock Pickers and more.

• Storage devices: Pallet racks, shelves, storage carts and more.

• Transportation equipment: utility carts, lingerie, flat deck industrial carts, two tier service carts, mobile storage cabinets, multi level stock carts, platform carts and more.

• Equip2go.com.au can build ergonomic safety devices to meet labor mobility needs. To further improve worker ergonomics, components such as rollers, conveyors, hydraulic lifts and clamps can be added.

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