A dental mental is nothing to look forward to. Mouth pain feels worse than other pain. When a dental emergency comes, you have no control over it. Keep in mind that dental emergencies can arise in various situations. Luckily, some smart tips can save you from having a painful dental emergency. For severe cases, you’ll have to go to a trusted Prince George dental clinic.


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Getting a root canal for a dental emergency

Going for regular dental check up is a smart idea. It gives the dentist a chance to detect the problem before you begin feeling pain. During the dental visit, the dentist can carry out radiographs and exams to catch any problems with your teeth. Skipping dental visits exposes you to bad bacteria that might cause you considerable pain. Discovering tooth infections before the pain comes makes the healing process simpler and easier.

Here are some signs to tell a dental infection

Pulsing pain
Darkened tooth
Lasting bump on the gums
Pain when biting or chewing
Radiating pain from parts of the face and neck
Lingering sensitivity when eating hot or cold foods and drinks

A root canal surgery is necessary when you have toothache with mouth swelling that you can see and touch. This is true when the swelling lasts for some time accompanied by bad breath or an awful taste. The swelling is a sign of an infected tooth that needs treating by dentists in Prince George. Apart from not feeling well, you’re likely to develop a fever and have swollen lymph nodes. Such symptoms require a root canal from a reliable dentist.

Understanding a root canal

When a dentist recommends a root canal, x-rays and mouth evaluation are required to determine appropriate diagnosis. There’s no need to be scared when the dentist tells you that you need a root canal. The treatment is very relieving than the symptoms. A root canal is a good option to save your tooth. It requires a dentist cleaning and repairing your tooth inner chamber. A professional will make you numb before creating a tiny hole in the tooth.

Afterward, the cleaning process of the pulp chamber begins to eliminate all debris, bacteria, and infection. The dentist places medicine into the tooth with antibiotics that might stay for about a week. A follow-up visit is required to ensure that the infection is gone. When all is clear, the tooth chamber is filled before the placement of the permanent restoration.

How to avoid an emergency root canal

The most significant causes of root canals are unchecked decay and trauma. Regular visits to the dentist help detect cavities early and appropriate treatment applied. Additionally, the dentist can reverse decay before it causes considerable damage to your tooth enamel. Early treatment prevents decay from going too deep. You also have to be mindful of the food and drinks you consume to keep your teeth in great condition.

When involving in intense activity swear protective gear like helmets and sports guards to lessen chances of trauma. In case you’re caught off guard, your teeth is liable to grinding and clenching that might cause considerable damage. The protective gear will keep your teeth protected. Another alternative is wearing an occlusal guard over your teeth to prevent damage.

Tooth extraction

This is an alternative when your tooth requires more than a root canal. An extraction is a good option when your tooth is severely infected. The damaged tooth is removed to prevent nearby healthy teeth from getting infected too. Luckily, the dentist can offer a good option for missing tooth with an implant. Therefore, it’s very important to see your dentist during a dental emergency to lessen chances of a root canal or tooth extraction.

Some handy tips to keep your teeth safe

Switching to teeth friendly foods and drinks
Regular dental visit for cleaning and examination
An immediate visit to the dentist in case of an emergency
Good dental hygiene such as brushing and flossing is essential
Avoiding habits that like grinding and clenching that might damage teeth


You play a significant role to keep your teeth safe and lessen chances of ending up with a dental emergency. Practices such as good dental care, regular dental visits, and getting early treatment are essential to keep your teeth safe. The best thing is to have a reliable Prince George dental clinic that you can rely on for all your dental solutions.

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