"Work your fingers to the bone and whadda ya get? Boney fingers!" ~ Hoyt Axton

I was torn between Hoyt Axton's song lyrics above and this saying of Lewis Carroll: "The hurrier I go, the behinder I get." So I thought I'd share both of them with you because together, they convey a complete sense that working to the point of exhaustion to pursue success, burning your candle at both ends, being persistent and running like a hamster, just seems to make your wheels spin. I'd like to offer the suggestion that perhaps you've chosen the wrong perspective and that you need to attract success, not pursue it.

In the self-help arena, much is said about "The Universe." The Universe will give you this or that is the basic underlying premise. I think that if you take the work hard premise and the universe premise and put them together, you're doomed to elusive success. Here's the secret why:

The degree of how much you attract success in life is directly related to who you know you are and not how hard you work or how much you beg some Universe to be generous. Or to say it in even fewer words:

To Attract More, Become More.

So you might be a bit chagrined thinking your direction to date might have been inaccurate. Is there any good news, you might be thinking? There is a lot of good news and let's do a good news inventory:

You are a hard worker. You have the habits of persistence, willingness and skill in place.

You recognize there might be some Higher Power, but you don't know IT'S YOU! Once you get that, you can really get to work in learning to attract success.

Take an inventory of everything it takes to sustain the success you want so much - the skills, the understanding, the attitude, the character, and the philosophy - that would support the Big Dream that has been buried inside of you.

Remember, IT'S YOU who's going to be doing this work.
If you don't have everything you listed in #3, create a plan for YOU to acquire them.

Work your plan every single day until you have all that it takes to fulfill your desires.

Look for new ways to understand more in the soft skills area: understanding, attitude, and character building. (Read, take classes, join groups....)

At this point in the plan, you have become much more than you were at the beginning. You are more attractive to others. They see you as more valuable. New opportunities will automatically be presented. (Pssssstttt! To others, it looks like magic and effortless for you. Only you know the specific steps you've taken.)

From this new point in the unfoldment of the "I" of you, you will now be able to use the new opportunities that have come your way.

An early metaphysician from the United States named Phineas Quimby said "If it's going to be, it's up to me." Living in the universe - filled as it is with opportunity, advancement and all successes - requires that you take hold of the reins of your life and steer a course where you would go.

If you want small success, become a wee bit more yourself.

For medium size successes, improve yourself to a medium level.

If you want to live large, dig in, study what's required and take those steps to become a big player.

If you commit to your progressive, personal development, if continue to refine your attitude, if you keep improving your character and constantly mould your philosophy, you will become the person that you both want and need to be and you will attract success in the amount you desire. Only you can unlock your own potential and become the person you know in your heart you are supposed to be.

Author's Bio: 

Maria has expanded her life purpose to include helping others to live a masterful, successful life led by her own example and accomplishments through the creation of The Change Coaching Institute, a training institute for those wishing to accelerate their growth on The Path, and a training ground for coaches to help her advance this ground breaking work. http://www.changecoachinginstitute.com