All things at any time or on any occasion meaningful for the good life are at all times in progress and to be had in all instance. A good state of body or mind, a large amount of money, properties and state of pleasurable satisfaction that you have a strong desire for, are obtainable. All things are possible unto you! All things are yours.

First and foremost, look within yourself for power of thinking and what exists in your mind as a representation which are in a state of peaceful existence and agreement with the state of being sound in body or mind, sophisticated possessions and state of well-being. Therefrom, to bring these formulations you have in your mind to a point of achievement in your life, you must do something that is beyond the depth of ordinary.

Go in quest of dominion that characterized by the highest qualities of the human mind. Dominion intellectualized belongs to God and God is God of all-creation. You must be marked by realization or perception in which what you think, what you are, your source of inventive ability and credence are in accordance with the God mind.

Your physical, mental or legal power to look for the processes of exhibiting the right or authority, to form an idea of wealth in the mind and the state of being flush with money that exists in the mind as a formulation must exceed all others.

Have a state of serious and heedful attentiveness in which the complex of elements in you that feels, perceives, thinks, wills and especially reasons; your mortal and immortal soul are in accordance with the mind pertaining to or of the nature of God.

It is in your best interest to have a mind that is identified with the divine mind because there is without exception, an endless supply of whatever you have a longing for, to get whatever you could do with. You are not without what it takes and enough on the ball to be rolling in money. You must have limitless and full-scale access to all erudition and information in the fact of having independent reality.

Have power over the process of your thinking which fill the part of you that makes you able to be aware of things. You can do anything you want to do, have anything you want to have, and be whatever you want to be. Exhibit your power to make wealth, live a healthy and long life; be rich and powerful.

Copyright, Anyaele Sam Chiyson

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