Do you want to know how to approach someone you don’t know? Thinking about striking a conversation with a stranger, but the nerves are getting in the way? Scared to embarrass yourself in front of other people?

Learn how to approach someone you don’t know right here right now.

Step 1: Develop Your Self-Confidence.

It all starts with having the right disposition. If you’re naturally shy, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get up the nerve to approach someone in particular. It just means that you have to summon more courage than you normally would.

Anyone can be self-confident. Just think of any successful endeavors you have achieved in the past that made you feel amazing, and “carry” that experience with you as you come up to anyone.

Step 2: Play It Down.

Learning how to approach someone you don’t know is not that big of a deal. People say that it’s difficult and it takes a certain kind of person to do it; but if you allow yourself to believe what they’re saying, then you’re only going to get discouraged.

Talking to strangers is not a big deal. It's simple and not something you should over think.

Step 3: Practice.

It's always vital to practice and hone your communication skills. Try it with the barista at your favorite coffee shop. Most of them are probably game for a conversation.

Just say hi, thank the barista for the coffee, and perhaps say something nice about the coffee so as not to get too personal.

Step 4: Smile.

People like talking to those who have good smiles. And if you’re planning to talk to someone you don’t know, then smiling serves to get one foot in the door. Practice your smile in the mirror so that it comes across as friendly and not threatening.

Step 5: Have An Idea Of The Conversation.

Before approaching the person, run a scene of how you want the conversation to go. Make sure you know what to say after introducing yourself, lest you find yourself struggling with something to say.

Ask questions - that is always a great way to get someone to be comfortable with you. Just don’t ask anything that is too inquisitive, like where they live or even how much they're earning. Ask common questions pertaining to something that you two might have in common.

One last tip when it comes to learning how to approach someone you don’t know is to relax. Don’t entertain thoughts that will only make you doubt yourself and panic. Keep the positive attitude up and never give up.

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