In case you haven’t downloaded the Norton antivirus on the device yet, then the chances are that your device information is not below protection. If you deploy the Norton antivirus on the device, then you are secure from all the viruses that are unfavorable your system. It does no longer matter for which purpose you are using the Norton antivirus; it will usually impenetrable your facts in any devices. After scanning your machine if the Norton antivirus finds that there is any malware which is detrimental your device, it will routinely cast off and block that malware from your device. Visit to get safety to your machine by means of downloading, putting in and activating Norton product with the product key.

How to Download Norton Setup?

The first thing the users have to do as soon as they had purchase two the Norton product is to understand how they can download the Norton setup on their system. Go via the steps cited below for downloading the Norton product:

• Sign in to the account which is registered with the Norton with the aid of going to

• two two two Enter the Norton e mail address and password on the supplied box.

• two two In case the customers are no longer an current member of the Norton, they have to make a new Norton account first before
proceeding to the further steps.

• two two After that, open the Norton antivirus setup mail webpage.

• two two two On the Norton setup mail webpage, the users can start downloading any of the Norton product as per their wish.

• two two Now, the users want to type the identification code whether it is given on the registered electronic mail address of
Norton or in the bought pack of the Norton setup.

• two two Click on the “Agree” choice if you had gone thru the terms and prerequisites supplied before begin downloading the Norton product.

How to Install the Norton Antivirus Software?

Once the Norton setup is completed the down load procedure, go through the practise listed below to commence the installing method of Norton product:

• two two Open the folder where the downloaded Norton setup is placed.

• two two In case the users have Google Chrome as their default browser, then double-click on the downloaded Norton setup.

• two In case the customers have Microsoft Edge as their default browser, then they have to press on the “Downloaded Norton setup.”

• In case the users have Safari or Mozilla Firefox as their default browser, then they have to click on on the “Download” choice given at the upper-right part of the Norton installation page and after that, hit on the “Downloaded Norton setup” by means of going to the documents, then “Downloads” folder.

• Once the customers get the UAC web page on their gadget screen, click on the “Continue” button.

How to Activate the Norton Antivirus Software?
Once the users completed the set up procedure, they have to go through the activation procedure of Norton setup which had mounted on their system. To entire the activation procedure, they want to click on or following the steps referred to below:

• The customers want to press on the “Run” choice in their default browsers in case they are in the Norton setup activation procedure.

• two After that, the users want to kind the 25-digit alphanumeric activation key to start the activation process on the system.

• Once you kind the activation key, press on the “Activate Now” option.

• The customers can use Norton antivirus to secure their non-public folders as soon as they complete the activation procedure.

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