Investing in Solar Power in Florida is an interesting project that could save you major bulks of money while preparing your home for the future - today. But as solar develops to near 10% as an electricity source in our country, people are repeatedly making the mistake of using unreputable solar power companies.

Unreputable contractors will install questionable, inexpensive systems when you deserve a supreme, state of the art design from a licensed Florida Solar Power Company. Here is our guide on how to find a renowned solar power installer.

Is the Solar Power Company Licensed?
To begin with, verify the solar power company you're considering is certified and licensed. If they've been distributed licensing then you know you're dealing with a legitimate company that has high standards to maintain. Seek the logos on their site, usually somewhere in the footer or 'About Us' pages.

• Are the engineers certified?
• Are they a Certified Solar PV Installer by The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners?
• Are they a State Certified Solar Contractor?
• Are they approved by the American National Standards Institute?

• Is Rebate Included in their Service?
If 'filing rebates' isn't mentioned in the solar power companies service plan, then ignore them. Look into their website's about page or ask them on the phone to see how they plan to help you receive your government rebates. Also, note that without certification from The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) then you'll be unable to profit through net metering and suffer an exhausted investment.
Check their Reviews and Recommendations
It may sound obvious, but some of the easiest ways to evaluate any solar power company is to dig deep into their reviews online. Any company that has frequent 5 * ratings and passionate, rave reviews is worth your money. Make certain these reviews look valid. If they seem generic then they may be fake; most real reviews document their specific situation and appreciate a particular part of the service.

• Do they get 5 * reviews?
• Do customers praise the engineers and owner?
• Do customers have any problems?
• Are customers satisfied with the price?
• Are after-sales service and installation praised?
• Quality of Materials and Equipment
If the company you're considering uses excellent quality, cutting-edge materials and equipment then you've found a winning combination. You deserve only the best technology when you invest in a solar installation, and the best companies concentrate on just that. Metal raceways, flashing and panels should all be of superior quality. Check their site, or ask them during a consultation. Top quality designs installed on your roof will last far longer and bring effective results.
Life Span
You shouldn't settle for any business that promises an installation that lasts less than 20 years. If they promise greater than this, then you can trust that the installation will withstand storms, damage and decades under the Florida sunshine.
The Price Matters
" It's not just about who is the least expensive" says Joesph Forrest of Florida Power Services "The Solar Power Company" Concentrating on the most affordable price is a recipe for disaster.

You'll need to pay much more than the most affordable price on the market if you want a solar system that provides you with over 20 years of reliable service and an installation that is suited to your needs. Low-cost quotes often lie about the materials they're using, while cutting corners in other areas. You get what you pay for.

What Else To Look For When finding a reputable Solar Power Company?
• Experience. They should have more than 15 years experience in Solar Installations.
• Their site should state that the owner will be onsite during installations.
• Will they keep an eye on detail and aesthetics?
• Ask if they'll install double sealed roof penetrations and flashings.
• Do they have million dollar liability insurance?
• Will the design be customized to your property and demands? There is no such thing as a 'one size fits all' solar design.
• Inquire about a site visit, with multiple quotes and speak directly to the owner (when possible) and engineers.

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