Tires are probably the easiest part of a car that gets dirt. These are the things that come in contact with road tar, grease, dust and mud in a quite fast way. Tires are also the most sensitive pieces of a car that degrades over time, it is used or not. These made the daily tire cleaning and shining a very difficult task that most car owners are getting tired of.

But any car with messy, wet and disgusting tires does not look any good and that's undeniably the most annoying scenario that most car owners experience. Car tires are probably the fastest part that gets dirt but it does not mean they don’t deserve much care anymore.

Remember that in an overall appearance of a car, tires play an important role. When it comes to the car’s performance, functionality and running capability, tires still have a significant job that shouldn’t be taken too lightly. Leaving a car that way can make the problem worse. Good thing that tire shine spray and many other brilliant tire dressings are made to lighten your load up in a way that will bring you to the top.

The Tire Shine Spray

Tire shine is a product specially made for the tires of a car that makes them look clean and shiny even just in a single spray. However, if you got muddy pretty smelly tires and you use tire shine without cleaning them first, you deserve to be congratulated because you will never get that shine and cleanse you have ever dreamed of. The tire shine works better of course in a well-cleaned car.

Most car repair industries use this for a thoroughly clean and shiny tire look. The sparkling appearance of a car may also be extended in a bit lengthen the period of time. The application of tire shine can also be used for DIY use since everyone can carry this piece wherever the road may bring. How long the shine takes place depend on the type of tire you have, how and how much you apply as well as in which circumstances you use the car.

Generally, tire shine spray lasts a few weeks. It improves the overall appearance of a car and impresses the most car enthusiasts.

Achieving the Best Tire Shine

Applying tire shine should be done in a few more considerations. There are different cars and so wheels. One product may work for them but the same may work irritating at you. Some tires are made just for the tire portion of the overall wheel and that may drive you to prevent spraying to the metal. There is also some fantastic tire shines that can be diluted with water which can make the application last for a long period of time.

So here’s how you can achieve the best tire shine for your car tires.

  1. Apply Greatly

To achieve the best shine, make sure you have great application. The right applicator can lead you to a way of getting the best shine for your tires. Don’t use the same applicator for your metal wheels and to the rubber part of the tire. The wheel and rubber are made with different materials and applying something not relevant to them can be dangerous. The wrong amount of friction can be placed on both materials which stuck and scratch in the long run.

  1. Choose Wisely

Water-based and a silicone-based are the two most common types of car shine. It is easy to add water to the water-based solutions most of the time. The difference between the two needs a few of your time to achieve the best result. This needs you to dilute your tire dressing in order to make the application easier and much cleaner with the water-based tire shine. Water-based products are usually the combination of natural and synthetic oils that provides a fresh look at the tires.

On the other hand, a silicon-based solution may give a glossy shine but you need to use multiple layers of the product to achieve the desired look. The single application or layer may not be enough because it tends to collect dirt and grime as you run the car.

When applying anything to the tire, make sure to use hard for rubber and soft for the wheels. Most manufacturers are giving tire shines with their own application products so don’t take this matter into your hands. If you are dying for tire shine sprays but out of nowhere then click to avoid the trap.

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