Sunday, 17 May 2020 is the World Internet Day, the day on which we celebrate the existence of the Internet. This day has been created since October 29, 2005. The internet is most associated with The World Wide Web, but it also contains other services such as e-mail. It is 49 years ago today that there was communication between two computers for the first time. The invention of the internet is also called the most important invention in human history. The invention of the internet has completely changed our lives rapidly. reflects on World Internet Day through this article, in which we discuss the origin of the internet and the impact that the internet has on our daily lives.

The origin of the internet

It is clear that the internet could never have been born without a lot of other inventions. However, these other inventions are often forgotten because the impact of these inventions in itself is much smaller than the impact of the invention of the internet. The internet has already had a huge impact and still has it. On October 29, 1969, the first message was sent between two computers. With this the internet was born. The internet was originally intended as a military network, called ARPANET. This military network was later made suitable for general use. The use of the internet increased from 1993, when the American government also opened up the internet to companies and private individuals. Before 1993 the internet was reserved for government and education. Nobody expected what happened after 1993. The use of the internet increased explosively between 1996 and 2008 and has thus taken over our lives.

The impact of the internet on our daily lives

The impact of the internet can be seen almost everywhere in our country USA. The internet has been fully adopted. The train no longer just talks to a stranger, but an app is sent to a friend who is on the other side of the world. The internet has brought globalization and has brought us closer together. The maintenance of social contacts, our shopping behavior and the way in which we obtain information has changed completely with the advent of the internet. We are connected via the internet every minute of the day. We are connected to the internet via our telephone, laptop and even thermostat. The internet is part of our lives and we think about that on World Internet Day.

Privacy on the internet

Due to the enormous use of the internet, a lot of personal information is available. Companies know who you are and what they can earn from you. So, a big advantage for companies, but a disadvantage for us as a person. To what extent do we still have privacy on the internet? More attention has been paid to this in recent years. It is important to guarantee your own privacy so that all sorts of information about you do not end up on the street. By using strong passwords, being careful with what you open, limiting tracking cookies and adjusting your privacy settings as well as possible, you guarantee your privacy better.

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Thanks to our ancestors for their efforts to make us live better.