The biggest aversion people typically have towards taking risks is their fear of the unknown! This is especially true when you're a marketer online trying to grow your business since any mistakes could cost you dearly from a financial point of view! On the other hand if you're reluctant to step outside your comfort zone it's unlikely you'll experience any type of growth be it professional or personal in nature!

Let's examine 5 ways in which you or your business benefits by your willingness to leave your comfort zone and try new things!

Personal Growth

Going outside your comfort zone is something most are reluctant to do primarily because it represents the unknown as mentioned above! Humans are much like ants insofar as they would rather stick to the 'beaten path' due to their familiarity with the route they're taking and where it takes them! To disrupt this pattern or introduce change in any way holds the challenge and necessity of learning new things! The fact is that taking steps into unknown in most cases, offers many positives if only you're willing to venture forth! The 'value' of this lesson encourages you to NOT shy away from change but rather to embrace it for the growth and opportunities it represents!

Sales Growth

The only way to grow your business is by taking measures to increase sales which could mean introducing new products or marketing strategies! In both cases, once again, we're going in 'new' directions in terms of products being offered or strategies being implemented! Here too it will be necessary to test product demand and/or learn new strategies which will force you out of your comfort zone! On the other hand if you're satisfied with the status quo you won't need to encounter this challenge and likely won't enjoy greater profitability or the confidence that comes with learning new skills!

Less Competition (Typically)

When it comes to being an effective marketer a great starting point is to explore new niches with profit potential! What you're ultimately looking for is LESS competition in a market where people are spending money! Uncovering profitable niches absolutely requires you overcome your fear of the unknown simply because the more 'unknown' a niche may be, the less competitive it will be as well! Niche marketing is the very essence of change and if you plan to be successful using this strategy than change will have to be something that's part of your comfort zone and NOT outside it!

More Changes Equals More Opportunities

Once changes are made we are now establishing a new 'pattern' of behavior with which we become increasingly more comfortable! Taking new paths or exploring new opportunities are things we no longer tend to fear thereby creating a greater awareness of the hidden opportunities all around us! Nothing invites growth, be it personal or financial, more than the willingness to take new directions with our strategies or thinking and to do so confidently! In this way you are simply expanding your horizons and thus your comfort zone!

Adapting to 'Reality'

The fact of the matter is very little if anything ever stays the same in our lives or in the world around us! Having said that it only stands to reason that the more we accept the need to make changes the more we'll be able to enjoy our own lives and experience greater prosperity! Whether you are trying to grow your business or yourself as a person, the best way to do so is by adapting to your ever changing environment! You can't fight 'city hall' as the saying goes nor can you fight the dynamic nature of your very surroundings!

Taking risks is a necessary 'evil' when trying to grow your business online but sadly many are hesitant to do so due to their fear of the unknown! On the other hand staying firmly entrenched in your comfort zone allows for little or no growth whatsoever as discussed above! What you must accept in order to grow as a person or business is your comfort zone is NOT fertile grounds for growth but rather a state of dormancy! To really prosper one must be willing to 'push the envelope' and overcome their fear of the unknown by realizing this fear is based more upon discomfort and not necessarily danger!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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