A positive mind attracts happiness and relief, especially if one is going through the roller coaster ride of pregnancy. The fertility doctors at IVF centers in Delhi suggest that pregnant women must use tools to help them look on the bright side of everything. Hope, faith and optimism help relax the mind that has a healthy impact on the body. It eases blood circulation, keeps the mood balanced and helps give strength to bear the various effects of pregnancy.

A proven and age-old method to maintain a positive attitude is making affirmations. Affirmations are statements that one reiterates to themselves to help instill a sense of positivity and hope in one’s mind. The strong, affirmative emotions put into these affirmations have a meditative effect on the mind. When recited regularly, even in one’s head, but with utmost emotions, they soothe the mind and make the person more cognizant towards the optimistic aspects of their lives hence developing a cheerful and hopeful attitude within them.

One important point to remember is that these affirmations should not be in negation, lest there will be no point in reciting it. For example- “I will NOT suffer from any troubles or complications during delivery” is a negated statement. However, “I will have a completely normal and healthy delivery” is an affirmation.

Experienced doctors from the top surrogacy centers in Delhi enlist some examples of affirmations that can be used by soon-to-be mothers some of which are as follows-
• I am strong, brave and healthy.
• I am aware about how to take complete care of myself and my baby.
• I am capable of being a great mother.
• I love my baby with all my heart and my baby loves me!
• I am going to make the right decisions for my baby.
• I look beautiful in my pregnant body.
• Everyone around me loves me and wants the best for me.
• I love and trust my body.
• My growing belly indicates that my baby is growing and developing well.
• My body is prepared and strong enough for birthing and knows well how to do it.
• A normal delivery is safe for me and my baby.
• The timing of my baby’s birth will be perfect for both of us.
• My body is aware about when to give birth.
• Each contraction is bringing me closer to the delivery of my baby.
• All this pain is for bringing my beautiful baby into this world.
• The peace and happiness I feel is felt by my baby too.
• My baby will find the perfect position for birth.
• My baby’s head fits securely into my pelvis.
• I will make a lot of healthy milk for my baby during breastfeeding.

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