When it comes to male reproduction, in addition to sperm, it is the seminal vesicle. What is closely related to reproductive function is the health of the seminal vesicle. Seminal vesiculitis is one of the common infectious diseases in males. The age of onset is mostly 20~40 years old. The clinical manifestations are different.

Patients will have lower abdominal pain in acute cases involving perineum and bilateral groins. Chronic patients may have suprapubic pain and perineal discomfort. Pain symptoms significantly aggravate during ejaculation.

Acute patients have apparent urgency and pain in urination, and dysuria can be seen. In chronic cases, frequent urination, urgent urination, discomfort, and burning sensation were obvious. In acute seminal vesiculitis, fever, aversion to cold, and shivering may occur. Hematuria is also one of the manifestations of acute seminal vesiculitis. Ejaculation pain, low sexual desire, spermatorrhea, and premature ejaculation are generally the symptoms of patients with chronic seminal vesiculitis.

After all, as a male "offspring bank," suffering from seminal vesiculitis can easily affect the survival rate of sperm. It will lead to the decline of sperm quality and oligospermia, asthenospermia, and even infertility.

When suffering from seminal vesiculitis, don't take risks to have a baby. Even if you successfully combine pregnancy, the baby will have a deformed fetus to a great extent. So what should men do with seminal vesiculitis? Active treatment is necessary.

The treatment of seminal vesiculitis is mainly drug treatment. To know that most seminal vesiculitis is caused by bacterial infection. Seminal vesiculitis mainly occurs concurrently with prostatitis. After men get seminal vesiculitis, they have frequent urination and urinary pain and have the symptoms of pain during ejaculation and blood sperm.

Although the symptoms are severe, they can be relieved soon without psychological burden if the treatment medication is symptomatic. The seminal vesicle is adjacent to the male ureter, vas deferens, urethra, rectum, and prostate. Problems in one part may affect another organ.

Therefore, the treatment work still needs to be done well and done in place to avoid aggravation due to neglect and delay. Natural medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill can effectively enter the whole reproductive and urinary systems to eliminate infections.
The incidence of seminal vesiculitis is still relatively high. After getting seminal vesiculitis dramatically impacts male sperm quality, which must be checked and solved.

How should men avoid the invasion of seminal vesiculitis disease?

1. Developing good living habits is the key to preventing seminal vesiculitis. First, the diet should stop spicy and cold and stay away from alcohol and tobacco to reduce the congestion of the prostate and genitals. Work and rest should be regular, go to bed early, and get up early, combining work and leisure. While not excessive masturbation, a reasonable arrangement of your sex life can help you prevent seminal vesiculitis.

2. Secondly, men should pay attention to personal hygiene. Some bacterial infections cause seminal vesiculitis. Therefore, maintaining local hygiene can reduce the growth of bacteria, which can effectively prevent the recurrence of seminal vesiculitis after disease control. Men should keep local cleaning every night and frequent replacement of underwear.

Bathtubs are not used in public bathrooms. Wash hands thoroughly before and after use in public places to prevent bacterial pollution and prevent the recurrence of seminal vesiculitis.

3. Pay attention to life details. Patients with seminal vesiculitis should pay more attention to life details. People infected with dental caries or other inflammation should not drink more alcohol. Otherwise, seminal vesicle inflammation is easy to occur.

Because alcohol will dilate blood vessels, cause tissue congestion in the affected area and aggravate the disease. The patient's diet should be based on the principle of diabetes insipidus and do not drink alcohol to avoid prostate congestion.

4. Strengthen exercise. The most crucial principle to prevent seminal vesiculitis is strengthening exercise, enhancing resistance, and avoiding upper respiratory tract infections such as colds.

Patients with prostatitis should be treated regularly to avoid the spread of disease and the spread of seminal vesicles, especially the treatment of tooth decay and timely prevention of diarrhea so that the infection of other parts of the body can not be taken lightly.

5. Control your sex life. Too frequent sexual life will lead to long-term congestion of the prostate and genitals. And can not get good rest will aggravate the symptoms of seminal vesicle inflammation.

It is necessary to control sexual life to avoid the recurrence of seminal vesicle inflammation. Sick patients can not act recklessly. Thye should arrange the number of sexual life reasonably to prevent the recurrence of seminal vesiculitis.

Through the above description, people have a particular understanding of "how men should avoid the invasion of seminal vesiculitis"! I hope males can form good habits and avoid diseases and injuries.

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