Water purifier is a term that encompasses water filtration systems of various kinds. The most common purification technology that is being used these days is Reverse Osmosis or RO technology. This has seen a rise in usage owing to the high level of TDS in the water supply. This TDS could be combined with sedimented and biological impurities, in which case you would need to remove them too before the water can be potable. Several technologies can be combined to give optimum purification for the water reaching your homes, e.g. you would need an RO UV water purifier if your water is affected by bacterial growth.

While the right combination of technologies is important to decide on a water purifier, the other factor that plays a major role in the process of decision making is the price of the same. The RO water purifier price changes with every additional method of filtration. There are several other factors that affect pricing. You can get a better understanding of these factors if you have the RO water purifier price list and a comparison of their features in front of you.

The sections below will explain how the cost is impacted by different factors:

The Filters Included

As the number of filtration processes increase, the cost of the product increases. A purifier system with RO+UF will be relatively more expensive than one that does only RO filtration. Similarly, the addition of UV filtration will also add to the expense and hence the cost.

The Storage Capacity

The smaller capacity filters are priced lower. If you have a larger family, you will prefer to have more water available for consumption at any point in time. In such a scenario, a smaller tank would not be preferable, even for a lower RO water purifier price tag.

Filtration Capacity

Just as the storage capacity is important, so is filtration capacity. A filter that can provide a greater volume of filtered water per hour will have a higher cost for its efficiency.

Filter Replacement

A filter of good quality will last you longer and will require less frequent servicing. The filters have a certain life and must be replaced at regular intervals, but the cheaper ones could need to be replaced more frequently.


A brand stands for the assurance of quality. A well-known brand puts its products through stringent checks to bring you the best products. They will also offer you a warranty for their products along with excellent after-sales service. There is a premium for this assurance and service included in the cost.

Design and Aesthetics

When a product is designed to look like a part of your home décor rather than simply a piece of utility around the house, you should expect to pay an additional cost.
Now, when you go to buy a water purification system and check for the specifications of a product, you would know exactly what is adding to the cost of a more expensive product. If the feature is not important, you can choose the one without it and opt for the lower-priced one.

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