Have you ever tried to find great food in a city and opened Zomato to find out a good restaurant? If you are not living under a rock, you must have done that. The idea to use mobile application for practically everything has become universal these days, and Zomato is one such program that lets you search for any kind of hotels, restaurants, pubs, lounges, and clubs. However, the current trend of posting fake reviews is quickly catching up with practically every software and mobile app. People are often asked to post phony reviews for a good number of restaurants so that the eateries can grab more clients. The publicity of the service has taken the first place, and quality of food is given the backseat. The aim of this article is not intended to convey the message that all reviews are fake, but many of them are bogus.

How to detect fake criticism

You cannot help but depend on the reviews of almost everything that you think may cost you a significant amount of money. No one likes to waste money on awful restaurants that give a rich ambiance to sit but offer trashy food. When you intend to spend a few hundred or thousand, you would like to make sure that your hard-earned money does not go waste. That is why; it has become natural for people to look beyond the photos of foods, and check what people have written about their experience at a particular restaurant.

Now the question arises that what option do you have but to believe the words that seemingly genuine people have posted online? The only answer here is to use your conscience and read between the lines. Many mobile applications these days are based on the concept of letting people find what they want, be it food, clothes, or electronic goods. When you open a mobile application to find a restaurant, look at the ambiance of the place, find out photos of foods, and then see how many people have written about a diner.

The important thing here to find out is the kinds of words people have used to review a place. People often use the words, ‘great food, nice service, and cool ambiance.' This is an effortless review, and it reveals nothing about the knowledge of a person about the food he or she ate. They might have written the review just because the websites often massage the ego of people by providing them with connoisseur status. Even if the visitors of a restaurant cannot differentiate between salt and sugar, they still feel good to see their name online with an expert badge alongside it. Pay attention to the negative as well as positive reviews, and compare the numbers of both kinds of reviews.

If the positive criticisms are present in more numbers than the negative ones, you can trust the restaurant. Moreover, you can also look for other reviews posted by a particular person on the same website by clicking on the profile button. You will automatically find out what the other person is up to. While eating at a small restaurant, this entire procedure of digging into the details might not be significant. Nevertheless, when you have to throw a party, for example, at an extravagant place, you would never like to fail. Your money, as well as reputation, is at stake at such crucial times. Just like when you ask your friends about a Car Rental company before making a booking, you can do the same thing here as well. The entire idea of this piece of writing is to prevent people from being misled and use their own instincts to be there at the right place, and never feel cheated.

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