Did you know that regular exercise and keeping in good shape can actually lead to a longer lifespan for you? When you take part in regular exercise, many systems in your body is benefited. Some of these body systems include your respiratory system, reproductive system, muscular system and nervous system. The following are some of the ways exercising can benefit the various systems of your body.

The first system which will benefit from regular exercise will be your cardiovascular system. This system is about your heart and blood vessels. When you work out intensely, your heart rate will start to increase and more blood will be going to your heart quicker. Your blood vessels start to flow more blood and your heart also starts to be filled with more blood. This will actually help to increase the quality of your blood and all the various parts of your body linked to your heart. Exercise will also be able to help eliminate blocked pathways, helping to prevent clogged arteries. Subsequently with exercise, the risk of you suffering from strokes or heart attacks is lowered.

The next system which will be affected is actually your endocrine system. This system is the one which serves to regulate the production of your body hormones. Your hormones can affect how much you gain or lose weight as well as your mood! When your endocrine system is performing optimally, you will feel full of energy and be in good shape.

Your respiratory system will also benefit from regular exercise. This system has to do with your lungs and everything else connected to it. This is also the system within your body which you can actually control. You can control your breathing patterns and this is especially emphasized on in exercises such as yoga, weight lifting and pilates.

Your skeletal system will actually also improve when you take part in exercises frequently. When your muscles are stronger and fitter, it will be better able to support your joints, bones as well as your general skeletal structure. On the other hand, if your muscles are weak, they will now be able to properly support your skeletal structure and chances of you breaking or fracturing a bone will be greater. When people age, they are usually more prone to accidents and falling down, and one of the more common bones the elderly usually break will be their tailbone as the amount of muscles around that area is reduced as you enter old age.

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