With market competition increasing every single day, getting a job of choice has become harder than ever before. If you are a part of the current workforce, its likely that you need to get support and guidance for your job search to help you find the right position. Finding the right recruitment agency in Vietnam can help you to get the perfect role via good networking. Here is a detailed description of how recruitment agencies work and how they can help you.
Recruitment Agencies
Recruitment agencies work as employment companies to help organizations find suitable candidates for their vacancies. They work as an impartial party to bring together talent with those in need of it. The agency helps candidates in a variety of ways by providing training, opportunities, improving CVs, and negotiating fair salary options. If you get shortlisted by the recruitment agency for a certain position, they would provide you pointers for preparation and help you streamline the interview process. In turn, they help businesses to find the best fit for their vacancies.
How They Work
While no two recruitment agencies will have the exact same process, there are a few pointers that remain constant for all. These are:
• The agency will initially receive a job description for an open position from the organization. This will include all the important details of the job such as role, profile, candidate preference, expected salary payout, etc.
• After the agency receives this job description, they can go through the network to identify candidates who are likely to fit the needs of the organization.
• The agency then proceeds to shortlist candidates via phone calls and checking CVs of potential candidates.
• The shortlisted candidates are then provided to the organization to ensure the list fits their needs.
• The final candidates are then invited to interview at the organization or at the recruitment agency’s office. A good recruitment agency would help you prepare well for the interview and provide the best possible candidate to the company.
• After the interview, the agency would then discuss the possible salary and negotiate a practical deal between both parties.
How to Reach Out to Recruitment Agencies?
While most recruitment agencies find candidates via their network, you can apply to the agency as well. For this, you would first need to identify recruitment agencies in Vietnam that can provide you with positions that fit your skill set. You can share your existing CV and resume with them to arrange a meeting. The agency may also contact you via your online CV and check if you fit the role with a short interview. Either way, the recruitment consultants act as middlemen between the organization and employee. They would share your CV with all interested organizations and setup an interview. If you get selected for the interview, the agency can also give you some pointers to prepare quite well for the interview. If you get selected after the interview, the agency will also help you negotiate a salary package that is fair for both – you and the organization.
Benefits of Applying Via a Recruitment Agency
There are several benefits of applying via recruitment agencies as this can positively impact your job search and find the right position. Good recruitment agencies have an in-depth knowledge of the hiring process and can help you make the right decisions on every step. Optimizing your CV becomes a breeze with their help as well.
Finding the ideal recruitment agency in Vietnam can make a big difference on your job chances. Feel free to contact Shelby Vietnam for your job hunting as we have a wide network with organizations in every industry and can help you find the right job for your talents.

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