As per an annual survey, plastic pallets are continuing to play a critical role in most warehousing facilities. Whether it’s pooling or sourcing or even transferring raw materials from point A to B, business owners regard plastic pallets as the key drivers of most logistic requirements.

Plastic Pallets: A Key Component of Transportation and Warehousing!

Plastic pallets are great for modernising and augmenting raw material handling efficiently and safely.

In words of a warehousing personnel (name withheld) says:

’Top-quality plastic pallets are engineered to morph well over time, but they always keep their basic purpose intact, i.e. ease moving, preserve and even shift materials promptly.

Most important of all, these highly durable and light weight pallets are easy to handle, and it disallows any damage hampering the raw materials. It also helps mitigate potential injuries amongst workers.’

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Another interesting thing which begs attention is the aspect which one looks into when selecting high-enduring pallets. Usually, warehousing professionals or business runners select their loading pallets based on strength, durability, longevity, reusability, weight and price.

Taking into account each of these criterions, plastic (synthetic) pallets prove to be the first choice for most businessmen, just overshadowing another popularly used variant- wooden pallets.

Statistically, around 65% of companies say that they prefer synthetic-made pallets over wooden, simply because of its portability and no-fuss handling traits. Plus, plastic pallets stand to be the best among all other material options available if the criteria such as safety, sustainability, cleaning methods and others are taken into consideration.

Shift from Wood to Plastic - What’s Tipping the Scale?

In a survey in 2015, it was stated that the use of pallets will increase considerably. The speculated increase was somewhere around 1.7% with warehouse plastic pallet increasing on a rapid pace.

These findings compel everyone to believe that it is the best growing alternative in the market.

What’s causing the tilt in balance?

  • Plastic or synthetic pallets are around 20-30 kilograms lighter than wooden pallets and more when compared to metallic pallets.
  • They are more eco-friendly and don’t require any treatments. Their dry and insect resistant abilities fend off unwanted insects without being heat-treated or fumigated, much in case of wooden pallets.
  • Longevity wise, these synthetic pallets can last ten years more than its wooden counterpart. This is a blessing in disguise for many business runners or logistic personnel as one wouldn’t have to invest again and again in buying pallets for their raw materials.

Finding a Trustworthy Supplier for Top-Quality Synthetic Pallets

  • Find an agency that has a good reputation in the market and caters to their client’s every requirement.
  • Check their collection of quality plastic pallets in Brisbane and see if it is available in vivid dimensions and size.
  • Read their specification sheet to get a proper idea of the chosen pallet. And with it also compare its price with other suppliers in the market.
  • Lastly, read the feedback from their previous clients to see if the quality, durability and endurance meet most warehousing and transportation requirements or not.

Plastic pallets are elementary for all warehousing and logistics needs and for those who are in this line of work, using them would be a lucrative choice. So, use these details, find the supplier and procure quality plastic pallets at cost-effective rates.

Author's Bio: 

The author works in a warehousing facility in Brisbane and constantly uses quality plastic pallets over wooden pallets for effortless goods shifting and preserving. The author is also an avid writer and frequently presents blogs and articles on plastic pallet as well as other essential components used in logistic and warehousing facilities.