Pacific World School is the best school in Greater Noida. The reputed institution is famous not only for its quality education but also for the exceptional sports facilities and global opportunities it provides to children. If you are looking for a school who provides quality k-12 education, and has a good past academic and overall record, then consider Pacific World School, Greater Noida.

How Pacific world school is the best school in Greater Noida?

No parent can deny the importance of a right school for their children. In fact, I was fortunate that my parents provided me the best education from one of the topmost schools, despite all the odds such as distance and their own hectic work schedules. This blog is for the parents, who are unsure and in doubt that whether Pacific World School is the best school in Greater Noida.

Greater Noida has seen an upsurge in top CBSE schools and no doubt, every school in Noida is committed to offer the high-quality education, exceptional sports facilities, and better global opportunities to its children. Being awarded as the ‘Best School in Noida Extension’ by Go4reviews third time in a row is not just the achievement of the school but the students as well, who have been a part of this successful journey.

If I sum up my whole experience at Pacific World School in brief, then I would say thoughtful and lifelong experience. Before, I proceed on how good the school is, I recommend all the parents who are anxious about their child’s education and are doubtful whether they are making a right decision by choosing a particular school then, before asking yourself this and not getting into irrelevant research, just go ahead with Pacific.

The school offers K-12 WorldClass education on its grand campus of 10-acres. My parents got me admitted to class 9th in this school. After shifting back to Noida and finally in this school, I realized that I never had the hands-on experience on each and every thing that crossed my path in my previous school. But if I talk about Pacific, right from the academics to exceptional facilities like varied options in sports, hobby clubs, personality development sessions, and much more every facility and amenity has a shadow behind it that enhances the confidence and a learning attitude in children.

Here are the top reasons, why Pacific World School is the best choice for your kid:

  • World-Class Infrastructure

The impressive 10-acre school complex is enclosed by this space. All classrooms on campus have air conditioning for the benefit of all students. To provide a conducive learning environment on campus, the classrooms are equipped with Microsoft-abled smart digital equipment.

On its property, the school provides an amphitheater, a multipurpose hall, and an auditorium with a beautiful design. The students also have access to cutting-edge labs, a well-stocked library, a cafeteria with wholesome food.

  • Teaching Faculty

Teachers are highly experienced and comes with a progressive mindset to make children capable enough to learn, unlearn and relearn. The compassionate and caring teachers with high-work ethics, absolutely know how to adopt different teaching strategies for students coming from diverse backgrounds and different abilities. They ensure to maintain a healthy 1:15 teacher-child ratio and encourage students to learn and develop new skills in them.

The school believes that sports participation is necessary alongside the academics that students can learn life skills and qualities like leadership skills and understand the value of teamwork, coordination, loyalty, and commitment.

All students from class 1 onwards are mandated to play a sport of their choice. It can be any sport like Cricket, Basketball, Football, Badminton etc. Specialized coaching is provided to them, three days a week, during the school hours, on the school campus.

  • Safety and Security

The school assures equal importance to the overall safety of the children. The overall school campus is equipped with CCTV cameras and buses are enabled with GPS tracking system. It also has a well-trained medical staff for any future emergencies, the kids are accompanied with a female help in every class and also at the time of entry and exit.

That’s how Pacific World School is the best famed institution of Greater Noida. Enroll your child in the school by filling the new registration form on the school’s website. You can also plan a visit to the school and setting a meet up with the management, and check out the school campus.

This is what makes Pacific World School the best CBSE in Noida. Enroll your child in the school by filling the new student registration form on the school’s website or by scheduling a visit to the school campus.

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