Yoga helps the inner body and inner mind to feel relaxed .The yoga exercises helps to improve the health, increase the resistance power and to increase the mental alertness. Yoga is a Sanskrit word which comes from you and the meaning g of this word is to unite and to integrate. The people are more aware and health conscious and want contentment of mind. The natural way for good health is to do yoga. The yoga asana helps to give good health and increase in resistance power .The yoga should be done slowly and carefully so that the control to the body and mind is maintained properly.

Obesity is the excess fat on the body which causes several diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart diseases and sometimes infertility also. The main reason behind obesity is the lifestyle of a person. There are several reasons behind this like overeating, lack of physical activity which leads to imbalance in the energy level of a person. Yoga will help to reduce the excess fat and the result will appear after a month. The only thing you have to do is to increase the intake of water and try to do all the possible asana like suryanamaskar, pranayam etc.

These asana will give you multiple benefits like increase in memory, eyesight, increased concentration and decrease in body weight. The other benefit of yoga is its flexibility that you can do this indoors or outdoors. The point to be noted in yoga is to proceed step by step and be regular in doing asana.

Benefit of yoga for obese people: The yoga helps the obese people by improving their body’s alignment so that the strain on the body is reduced. The obese people often find themselves detached from their body so yoga helps to give a good connection between the mind and the body which increases the self esteem of a person and the body is accepted by the mind. The mood of a person doing yoga is also good.

Start Yoga: The yoga classes can be taken from a yoga teacher. Some special yoga classes are being organized but it depends on the locality. Try to begin with gentle yoga exercises like kripalu, viniyoga and integral. The obese people can also go for chair yoga due to limited mobility of their body. You should be comfortable with your yoga teacher and so that the teacher can support you with any kind of alterations and props if you need them. You can go for private yoga sessions if you are not feeling comfortable in group yoga classes. You must be at ease while doing yoga exercises.

Relation between yoga and obesity: The yoga will help you to build strength but it will not increase the heart rate that is needed to loose weight. So to do this you should involve yourself in exercises that will increase your heart rate.Iyenger is one such yoga exercise which will help you to improve your body posture as lot of obese people have a bad body posture. Yoga when combined with running, walking and any other aerobic exercise is very good for weight loss.

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