Private airport transfer services go a long way to make sure that your travel to and from the airport are as seamless and comfortable as it can be.

The good companies do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to providing utmost safety, security and comfort while delivering seamless transport to their clients.

If that is the responsibility of these companies, you have your task cut out as well. Unfortunately, a lot of people take these companies for granted, and that is when issues pop up.

People end up demanding and expecting a few things from the chauffeurs that they are NOT supposed to. Here is a list of things that you should not expect your chauffeur to do.

You Keep on Having Food in the Cab

Do not have food in the cab while you are travelling. The reason can be many - the driver might be hungry, and that will not be a very pleasant thing to do - having food in the presence of someone who has not eaten for long!

It will create an odour inside the cab, which the driver might not like. And lastly, it may make the interior messy.

If that happens, it will be your call to pay for the cleanup. All said and done, having food during the travel is never a wise thing to do when you travel in a cab you have hired from a company that offers private airport transfers in Melbourne.

Getting a Bit Too Drunk Before the Travel

Well, you need to know your limits!! A pint of beer or two might be cool and so can be a couple of drinks. However, going for too much alcohol might land you in trouble. No chauffeur will like to carry a passenger who is a way too intoxicated.

You go for a spin and end up doing things that might not be a pleasant experience for the driver. At the end of everything, you might have to pay a hefty penalty for any mess or for the tantrums you might have created while being out of your mind… of course!

Being Lousy When Tipping

This is another thing that you must avoid at any cost. These chauffeurs are not billionaires, though they might have a steady and pretty handsome income.

Hence, if you have got really professional service from these blokes, or if the chauffeur had gone a few extra miles to ensure your comfort or respond to your last minutes change in schedule (which these chauffeurs do quite often), then giving them a handsome tip is something that they expect from you.

Being lousy while tipping is not something that they appreciate, and indeed it cuts a very sorry figure out of you.

Therefore, you need to keep these few points in mind when you travel by a cab you have hired from a company that offers private transfers in Melbourne or in any other place, depending upon your destination to and from Melbourne airport.

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The author runs a company that offer private transfers in Tullamarine, Moorabbin, Essendon and some other places in and around Melbourne. The author is also an avid blogger.