With global warming on the rise, many people around the world have made it their mission to mitigate the environmental damage that global warming is inflicting. Every country around the world has suffered in many different ways as global warming is inducing an array of different environmental disasters such as landslides, floods, tsunamis, and even earthquakes. The numbers behind the continuous occurrences of these natural disasters is very alarming, and the only way we can protect our environment is by supporting a good cause.
Besides global warming, communities are contributing to global environmental crises. Scientist and researchers have been voicing their concerns for decades now, and no one took their perspective seriously. Greenhouse emissions are depleting the ozone layer. Our environment is being negatively affected by our activities, and it is safe to say that provided the conditions remain the same, humans will soon find it impossible to survive. This is where NGOs step in. They help in curtailing the negative impact we are causing on the environment.

Take the Anti-Pollution Drive (APD) foundation as an example. It is a nonprofit organization, which was founded by Abdullah A Rehman. The mission of this organization is to confront the different sources of air pollution. They have also started to address one of the swiftly growing issues of disposing of solid waste. The company has already launched multiple country-wide initiatives to ensure proper solid waste management. Under their newly launched campaign ‘Prathi Manegey Shauchalaya’, they are striving to provide toilets in every home in rural areas where people are deprived of this basic necessity of life.

What most people do not realize is that either NGOs are funded through government grants, or they are financed directly. In the case of the latter, the BODs use their personal finances in order to set up their nonprofit organizations to help the community and the people residing in it. Their philanthropic efforts clearly showcase just how dedicated they are in helping the environment. To further highlight how these nonprofits are revolutionizing our current global state, we have articulated a list of the most pivotal changes which have been induced by the untiring efforts of these organizations.

They Focus on Securing the Future

Many nonprofit organizations are set up only on the basis to help a marginalized group of people such as refugees, natural disaster victims, or a sect of people who really need help. These nonprofits plan their resources in a manner that helps by providing them with immediate relief in the form of homes, food, warmth and other necessities. They also focus on helping these people secure their future by offering jobs or relocating them for their own betterment.

They help bring core issues to light

Many of the core issues in our society today would never have received any type of awareness if it weren’t for the efforts of nonprofit organizations. These institutes focus on various aspects of society, which generally people do not hear or know about. Their driving factor is to raise awareness on any negative aspect of the community that may be harming the environment. The also fuel their resources to provide remedies and relief to the people who may have been affected.

Nonprofit organizations are the perfect examples of how beautiful and powerful we can be if we put our differences aside and focus on helping people and establishing an environment-friendly community. Their efforts are not only making the world a better place but also are also helping secure future for our children.

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Oscar Shepherd is a Creative Graphics Designer by his profession. He also use to write his opinions on different topics.