How many times have you heard that doing a home business is easy, just talk to your friends and share the products, you can get rich quickly with no or little investment, you don’t have to sell, just tell your story, can’t say the wrong thing to the right person…? The list of ‘gimmick-lines’ goes on and on. Do you know how many of these people actually succeed in their home business? Only about 8% make it. You may know one of the 92% or even be one yourself. You aren’t alone.

Now come on, let’s use common sense. Do you think you can earn money by doing nothing? If you went to your current job and never picked up the phone or talked to anyone, would your employer keep you. What if you never touched the computer? Of course, not. The bottom line is you have to do something. But to succeed you need to do more than something: you need a game plan. No team wins the Super Bowl by just playing well: they have a game plan and stick to it.

The goal of this article is not to deter you from MLM: it is to mentor you to SUCCEED with MLM. You need a path, a plan, to get you to the finish line. Believe me, I spent tons of time doing everything in paragraph 1 just like my upline had told me. Where did I get – FRUSTRATED. Then I started a totally different lasered (super focused) mentality to my business. To save you a lot of frustration and heart ache that I had to go through, I’ve given some requirements that my builders need to have. Why, because I am mean? Of course not, in fact, #8 says I must be nice. I do it because I want my group to succeed and achieve long-term passive income.

MLM can be awesome when done the right way.

This is where it gets fun. In reality, atleast in the MLM that I chose as a home business, you only need about 20 people to be successful. The goal is to create the path to get your ideal 20 people.

Criteria of a Successful MLM Builder

This is where you do need to stay focused and have 80% of the following criteria:

1. Smart about Your Health (You will want to use the products so that you genuinely be walking the walk)

2. Passionate about Your Home Environment (Understanding that a safer home environment can reduce our risk of illnesses is a major key)

3. Committed to supporting small businesses such as family owned, women owned, veteran owned, locally owned businesses. (You’ll want to support the small business that can offer door-to-door delivery over the major corporations that try out source virtually everything)

4. You have the determination to see the potential of long-term passive income, and why you’d want long-term passive income over just a job

5. You are Self-motivated

6. You are Entrepreneurial in Spirit

7. You Can Follow a Plan

8. You are Nice (Friendly) – Yes, this is important with any customer service job

9. Especially Helpful if You have some network marketing experience

10. Stay Focused on Your Goal of Long Term Passive Income.

Is MLM Worth It?

You may be wondering at this point, if MLM is really worth it. I must admit, I had my doubts when I was spinning my wheels but once you layout the path and see the big picture, there is no going back. Here are just a few of the top reasons why:

• Tax Deductions (it saves us tons of money)

• You set your own hours (make sure you make a conscious effort to set hours aside for work and fun: you deserve time off)

• With only 20 people, you don’t have to work forever like a traditional 9-5 job.

• What you are doing is important – you are helping people improve their health and their quality of living just like you improved your own.

• Plus you are protecting the environment and the economy of your own country

• Of course, you have the fringe benefits that many companies offer – monetary bonuses, cars, trips and more.
How to Choose an MLM and Mentor – Critical Points

First your mentor and MLM company must be time-tested. The last thing you want is to work your tail off and wake up some morning and it is all gone.

Your mentor should have all the traits listed for a successful MLM builder.

Your company should be based on science, with real clinical studies and patents. T his is especially needed when working with a health and wellness business.

Stick with a business that is focused on the leading trends our world such as Green Products (ECO friendly), Natural Supplements, Paraben Free Skin Care, etc.

Your mentor needs to have a program that can guide you to be the independent leader so you can succeed: a mentoring program that you can follow to build your own group. Team sessions are best because you gain knowledge from everyone in the group then.

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