When the term “massage” comes to people’s mind the general perception they have is of lying on a table in a head down position and a massage therapist doing magic with his hands. Massage is surely very relaxing and this is one reason it has been in practice since hundreds of years. Even today massage is one such relaxing therapy that is widely used by people to unwind, rejuvenate senses and treat sore muscles. Massage is a very powerful practice the evidence of which can be found in numerous researches and clinical studies.

Today we will be discussing how massage work as a healer and how it benefits people of all age groups. Massage can be defined as the early science of treating various forms of body aches and ailments. You can also say that physiotherapy is an advanced form of massage therapy that people used to practice centuries ago.

Today massage has diversified a lot and it is not just for people who require it to get rid of some ache or ailment but it is also the best relaxing practice for people who wants to experience it through one of its form i.e. erotic massage. Massage is not just for reducing pain but it is way beyond it. Even a healthy person who feels tired after a long day at work can get his body muscles relaxed with massage therapy.

How massage work as a healer?

The first think that a massage therapy does is, it relaxes muscle tissues. When muscle tissues are relaxed it leads to a decrease in nerve compression. It improves motion and enhances the joint space. This overall reduces the body pain and improve the body functions.

Massage is also known to improve circulation and when the circulation is improved the body experiences swift supply of oxygen and nutrients to muscles cells. When circulation is improved the body also become more capable of removing waste products from the body. Many diseases like arthritis or edema where the person feel inflammation is also said to get benefit from massage therapy.

Massage therapy is also very effective in inducing the relaxation response. This directly lowers the respiratory rate, heart rate and blood pressure. So ultimately the immune system gets a boosts and physical effects of stress are decreased.

Massage therapy is also very helpful in tendon, muscle and ligament tear. People who suffer from limited range of motion can get the relaxation with massage therapy over a course of time because most of tendon, muscle and ligament tear either require surgery or the person has to get the functionality back through massage therapy.

Massage is very effective in wide range of conditions some of which are mentioned below:

Sciatica, Scoliosis, Tendon and muscle tears, Varicose veins, Pregnancy-related back pain, Gout, Muscle injury, Osteoarthritis, Raynaud's Disease, Hypertension, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Muscular dystrophies, congestive heart failure, heart disease, Carpal tunnel, Diabetes and many more to mention here.

No matter what may be the reason of your body ache or you have some ailment or you are going through stress due to personal relationship, massage is the best option you can take help of. When you are physically fit and your mind and body work in close synergy you tend to have healthy body, maintain good relationship, you are more confident and your mood is always very positive.

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