Fun fact:- ‘70% of Google searches are done using long-tail keyboards!’

In sharp contrast to short key phrases, long-tail keywords prove to be more effective and specific for any given product or service. And that plays a major role in enhancing the overall conversion funnel.

So What Are Long-Term Keywords?

Long-tail key phrases are a mix of 3-4 words (about a product or type of service) which helps describe a particular search item more clearly. They account or more refined search results and helps potential customers get what they sought after.

Take for example:- if you are on the lookout for quality outdoor furniture, the common term you will enter is ‘furniture’ or ‘outdoor furniture’. You will find every search result relevant in this context, which may not always be what you look for.

But if you enter quality ‘outdoor wooden furniture for homes’ the search results would appear more precise, and most times prove appropriate for the customer.

Explaining A Sales Conversion Funnel & How Long-Tail KWs Prove Effective For It?

A sales conversion funnel is one unique concept which proves useful in understanding the consumer’s mind at various stages of their buying decision. It helps target the most effective place in the consumer mind and helps to improve conversion rates.

  • The consumer checks out different sites for relevant data of their searched product/service. 

(This Stage Is Where They Develop Awareness).

  • Next, the customer goes through the various options available, even draws a comparison between them- be it with the gathered data/information and word of mouth to determine which one is better. 

(This Stage Is About Consideration, Comparison And Evaluation).

  • Finally, the customer makes their final call and depending on their decision, purchase their desired product or request for that service. 

(This Last Stage Is Where They Make The Purchase).

The Role of Long-Tail Keywords:-

To enhance the conversion funnel, long-tail keywords play a crucial role. They optimise the site, thus making it ready for customers to access it and get their desired data/information.

Take for example:- If you are searching for mobile phone cases, you will find tens and thousands of search results appearing on the web page. Using long-tail keywords helps narrow those exact results down and make it easier for you to get what you want.

Like if you enter- Samsung Galaxy phone cases or designer Lenovo rubber cases- these long-tail key-phrases allows you to find their suited product/solution with minimum time and effort. 

It also increases the service/product provider’s chances of converting those potential leads to sure-shot customers.

Using long-tail keywords lead to more filtered and precise searches. And since this helps niche customers get their products quickly, it consistently helps pull in more traffic and gives an appreciate boost to your ROI too!

Final Say:

Buying a product from the web may appear easy and hassle-free. Type-Search-Buy. But if you dig deeper into what happens behind the scenes; you will understand how much importance long-tail keywords play in helping customers get what they seek.

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