Chronic prostatitis is an urogenital disease that bothers male health. The incidence rate of this disease is very high. In recent years, it has gradually attacked younger men and directly impacts their health and life. The severe condition can even lead to infertility, so men are particularly concerned about treating this disease.

Less than 40% of patients with chronic prostatitis have urination as the main symptom. More patients are mainly in pain and mental discomfort, accounting for 50% - 60%. But people tend to ignore the spiritual impact, which should cause considerable concern.

In some patients after treatment, white blood cells in prostatic fluid decreased to normal, bacterial culture from positive to negative. However, their symptoms did not improve, or symptoms have disappeared, but still worried, these patients need some psychological treatment.

How long can chronic prostatitis treatment last?

Experts said that patients need to be prepared to fight a protracted war for the treatment of chronic prostatitis. Because the onset of chronic prostatitis is not overnight, the prostate is often damaged for a long time, and the disease has a long "incubation period."

At present, there are many treatments for chronic prostatitis, such as drug therapy, physical therapy, injection therapy, etc. Unfortunately, the quality of treatment is also uneven. The choice of different treatment methods, the treatment results are also very different.

For chronic bacterial prostatitis, the test can detect bacteria. It is often bacteria through the urethra into the prostate and then formates retrograde infection. At this time, carry out anti-inflammatory treatment with antibiotics specific to bacteria. Most patients will significantly improve their symptoms after the standard treatment 4-6 weeks, and some patients will get a cure.

People with nonbacterial chronic prostatitis can not find bacteria in prostatic fluid, and prostatic fluid has no apparent abnormal performance. Still, they have prostatitis symptoms, such as pain and discomfort of the perineum, discomfort of urination, frequency of urination, urgency of urination, furcation of urine, insufficiency of urine, etc. It is due to the body's aseptic inflammatory reaction, leading to prostate lesions caused by a series of symptoms.

The treatment process of nonbacterial prostatitis is relatively long, at least two months. Patients can choose traditional Chinese medicine for treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. The ingredients in the prescription can work through the prostate. And because the treatment time is longer, compared with antibiotics, its side effects are minor.

The pathological changes of chronic prostatitis are complex. Many factors can aggravate prostatic hyperemia and cause repeated symptoms, such as excessive fatigue and a disordered diet. Therefore, even if the symptoms are relieved in summer, men can't relax the treatment.

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