Location is the most significant consideration when buying land in a rural area. This affects the cost of buying the land and eventual resale value. The location is very important to overall enjoyment when planning to build a rural home where to live for years. All this makes it very important to always take time before choosing the location for land. Anything less will just lead to a waste of money. Consider the following to understand how location matters when buying rural land.


The land you should buy must be in close proximity to local amenities like schools, grocery stores, health centers, and fire protection. Land without access to these amenities isn’t a good investment especially if you’re planning to relocate to a rural home with your family. Regardless of where the land might be location, at least it should have unlimited access to local amenities.


There is a possibility of buying today and it becomes urbanized after a few years. This will hike the properly value but destroy the reason why you invest in such land if you prefer a rural setting. Therefore, check with the county planning to see the master plan regarding growth or industry in the area. An area that emphasizes the conservation of land and wildlife is a good idea to invest in for those who need to settle in a serene and quiet rural setting. If you purchased the land for reselling after some time, then you’ll appreciate the rapid urbanization.

Zoning restrictions

Before investing in a piece of land, it’s very important to understand the local zoning restrictions available. Zoning dictates how land is to be used with the related type of operations. This is commonly designating different areas for commercial or residential purposes. The local zoning restrictions determine the activities you’ll do on your land. Therefore, before you buy land online through a government auction, check the paperwork for any clause that limits the activities you’re planning to do on the land.


When investing in land, you have to mind about the availability of power. Determine whether the land has access to natural gas or local electrical service. Keep in mind that local electricity companies usually provide power at considerably low prices. In other areas, you might have to budget for the cost of transmission lines and poles. This might significantly hike the overall budget for your project especially if the land is located some good distance from the nearest service office.

Sewer lines

You are strongly recommended to buy land with access to sewer lines. This will prevent you from having to budget for your own system. Land with good percolation characteristics makes building a septic tank and drainage field easier and cheaper. The activities you’re planning to do on the land or the size of your family will also determine the cost of the water treatment system.

Water supply

Location of the land in proximity to the municipal water supply will prevent you from digging your own well. The cost of such a project will depend on the substrate and depth that has to be drilled through. Water from the well with unacceptable minerals might require expensive filtration equipment. Additionally, the land should be so easy to set up utilities on your property. This will make using the land for your desired purpose cheaper and easier.


When making any form of investment, return on investment matters significantly. This also applies when purchasing land. The location of the land you buy will determine the capacity of your land to generate cash flow. It’s a good idea to invest in land with multiple possibilities of income generation. Land with good timber or attractive for hunting or farming has the potential for good ROI. Land with such characteristics will make a great investment when purchasing land for resale.

Final thoughts

Investing in land is a great idea. The land is less likely to deteriorate like other forms of investment and has high potential to generate more returns on investment. Regardless of whether you’re buying land to set up a farm or rural home, ensure that it has access to local amenities, transport network, sewer line, water supply, and power. Fortunately, you can purchase land that meets this criterion through a government auction online.

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