For those who are willing to attempt removing the moles themselves at home, daily application of honey on the mole region can be done. Another suggested alternative is castor oil. Application can be done as much as twice in a day. Another home remedy for mole removal is garlic. Crush a clove of garlic into a paste to be applied on the mole area. You can leave it on overnight to be washed off in the morning.

Keep the mole region clean every day after the mole has been removed. It is a way to keep it safe from microbes. If the area is microbe-free, healing will be faster. You must also avoid stretching the skin in around the wound region.

It is necessary to know on how to remove a mole? Do you know that there are very good laser treatments that might help in removing moles? The light in the laser is directly used on the pigment of the mole. The pigments of the mole once reached by the laser light. The skin in that region will naturally get burnt a bit. Some redness will also be expected. There will be slight irritation after the treatment. When compared to the excision process of mole removal, this can provide a faster recovery. They do not hurt as much, too.

But scarring can occur at times. There are a lot of people who prefer the excision method to remove their moles. This is also the method of choice among many doctors. As the name suggests, the excision process will be using razor like instruments.

The moles will be directly cut off from the skin using these tools. This cauterization process is quite safe, so there is no need to worry. After treating the area containing moles with the razor-like tool, the dermatologist will then burn the skin or cauterize. This will help in removing the remaining amount of mole. There will be no stitching performed in this method. The moles will be completely taken care of, but there might be some scarring. The size and shape of the scar will be the same as that of the removed mole. Even if the mole has been completely removed, they will be replaced by scars.

The knowledge on mole removal will be highly useful to you. The mole region will be directly dealt with by the doctor with a razor-like object if the excision method is chosen. Some stitching will be required in this procedure. Usually there will only be few stitches. But after the skin gradually heals, you will see a slight scar mark on the area with stitches.

Some people may take years before their scars eventually disappear. Before going for any type of surgery, you must diagnose whether the moles are harmful or benign. There are different ways of dealing with cancerous moles. Before starting surgery, the doctor usually conducts a small biopsy.

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