Whether you are watching a movie, riding in an elevator, listening to a commercial on the radio, or simply shopping, you will find that there is always some kind of background instrumental music playing. You may not even be aware of it, but it is there setting the mood. In a movie, it becomes a part of your experience. You grip your seat as you feel the tension building. The excitement makes your heart race. You feel the sadness and are moved to tears. In an elevator, background instrumental music may comfort and soothe you, or it may help you to relax and slow down a little. When background instrumental music is playing during a commercial on the radio or television, you may be more inclined to pay attention to the advertisement. You may even find the ad more appealing. All along, it is the background instrumental music that is influencing how you hear, feel, see and experience an event.

Your shopping experiences are influenced by background instrumental music. You shop for clothing or groceries and the background music often sets the pace. Studies have found that consumers are more likely to take their time shopping when the background music is at a slower, more even tempo, and they are more likely to feel rushed and hurried when the instrumental music is at a faster tempo.

Instrumental music is also very beneficial in helping us focus and be productive whether studying or working. Its harmonious sounds and beautiful melodies keep distractions at bay, soothe our souls, and stimulate our minds. Used for meditation, instrumental music can help us to gain inner strength and focus. It is invigorating and brings us in balance and true inner peace. Enjoying background instrumental music at a restaurant is a pleasant experience. Food digests better and it helps you to unwind or get reenergized. It can also make the event more special, relaxing, refreshing, or even romantic.

Instrumental music can be used to benefit our lives every day. We may not think even about it and how it influences us, but background instrumental music is all around us. We hear it every day wherever we may be. It affects our experience and has a subtle influence on how we feel, think, or act. Today there are countless opportunities for us to use instrumental music in our media projects. It adds another dimension to anything we do from our own home videos to web sites. The possibilities are endless for us to take advantage of this remarkable way of adding life and energy to all of our media projects!

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