No matter how good you are at conversation, no matter how amazing you are as a person, you are going to need to hone down some openers to ensure that you are not left out cold. Too often, people get frustrated because they just don’t know how to attract women, and make them stick around. If you aren’t doing well in your dating life, perhaps it’s because you aren’t concentrating on why openers are so important. Once you realize how powerful these are, you’ll be able to gain the upper hand in creating the right scenario for your dating life, moving forward.

Why Openers Matter Today

The first thing that you should realize is that an opening line can either get you the date or it will hinder progress. What you tell a woman up front is going to showcase that you are trustworthy or just like other men. You have to be able to speak up, clearly, and within the realms of her interests. When you see a woman online or in person, you should always be ready to ask about her, and whether or not you can be of any sort of service. For instance, in a bar, you may want to ask a woman if you could buy her a drink. If not, that’s fine. Compliment her, and then walk away if she is not interested, obviously.

Different Methods For The Situation

As far as opening statements are concerned, every situation has a different element. You should focus on the right lines overall. For instance, if you are going to be dating online, you shouldn’t contact someone without mentioning some things about their profile. Ask them specific questions about it, and request more information. If they are at all interested, they will reply. In person, you should compliment someone about what they are wearing, or what they are drinking, and then see if they would like to chat a bit. Just don’t fear rejection, because many men end up dismayed by it.

Practice Makes Perfect

For those that aren’t sure how to use openers at all, or don’t even have any lined up, don’t stress. You can find many opening lines online, and highlight the ones you want to test out. Learn about 5 good lines, and then test them out in person. Test them and see if any of them work for you. Sometimes, just getting out there and talking to women will be enough to get you a bit more dates. Openers break the ice in many ways, so don’t dismiss this.

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