So, if you ever met me, you would quickly learn that I have an insatiable appetite for learning new tips and tricks for the kitchen. From discovering new equipment that speeds up my cooking or finding ingredients that add a special oomph to my latest dish, I won’t stop until I find the next best tip or technique.

In this strange year of quarantine, like everybody else, I’ve had a bit more time to spend working on my culinary prowess. However, it didn’t take long for me to start running out of new and creative ideas. I scanned websites (why so many ads?) and dusted off some old cookbooks (been there, done that), but still felt like I wasn’t finding real inspiration.

That’s when a friend introduced me to the social video sharing app Zynn.

What? How did we jump from cooking to phone app?

Trust me, you’ll thank me soon!

When you download Zynn to your smartphone or device, you are immediately plunged into a near-limitless stream of fun and exciting video content from amatuer creators and professional influencers.

What is Zynn?

While Zynn may appear to be like any other video app, the secret of success behind this streaming service is “discover the things that bring you joy”. This means that the content on Zynn is categorized into unique categories that allow you to watch only the latest content from topics you are interested in - such as fitness, music, arts/crafts, and (you guessed it!) cooking!

How Do I Learn Cooking from Zynn?

Since I downloaded Zynn, I’ve started following a ton of accounts that focus on the latest in recipe creation, kitchen DIY projects, and product reviews. I’ve even had the chance to pick up some brand new utensils from the video directly with their integrated eCommerce services!

Just the other day I found myself lost in a video of user @shannonyrizarry walking me through how to prepare a gluten-free, vegan sausage dish - a new family favorite - and then finished off my evening with @CountColors’s fall-inspired pumpkin spice boba tea! Not bad for a social video site.

Sometimes, you will see a little link tag on the bottom right corner, like what you can see from my screenshot of @shannonyrizarry’s vegan sausage video. Simply click on that tag and you will be directed to the product page. With this shopping feature, you can purchase products recommended by your favorite influencers easily!

Zynn has become my go-to for inspiration and education when it comes to my kitchen. I’ve been shocked at how much more there is to learn and discover just by taking 15 minutes to watch the latest on the #cooking, #kitchenhacks and #recipe hashtags. (The hardest part is putting down my device and actually getting into the kitchen!)

Want to learn more, and discover how Zynn is inspiring people across all of their passions and hobbies? Check it out for yourself! Download the Zynn app today, and find out why it has rocketed to the top of the app charts. Don’t be surprised when you discover the next best thing to bring you joy!

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