There is so much of Binary Options scam going on, promising high yield profits etc. Don't make the same mistake I did. In hindsight I wish I had checked the reviews before investing. Once your money goes in, it's not coming out. That simple. I called and messaged their finance department over 20 times, trying to withdraw but not once did it go through. Not easy finding reliable help too with so many wolves posing as recovery agents out there. I did manage to however, recover my money even if it was quite unorthodox.

While binary options/forex is a genuine business, there are however several fake trading companies with a professional outlook that promise and guarantee you an increased profit margin. They lay claim to a risk-free trading platform until you might have succeeded in growing your balance and decide to opt for a withdrawal. Then, these so-called legitimate platforms begin to act up, either by outrightly refusing to grant your withdrawal request or sometimes, only allow you to withdraw a fraction of the amount claiming the remaining amounts are bonuses that can only be withdrawn after trading in higher amounts.

Once you begin to experience any of the above, you need to awaken to self consciousness and return to the reality on ground – that there is a high probability it is a fraudulent binary options scheme. I lost about 150k USD in total to a fraudulent Binary Options trading. It was a nightmare and before I realized it, just like anyone else who haven been caught up with these scheme, it was already too late!

It is understood that the next line of thought of those who might have fallen victims to these scammers will bother on recovery and how to get back the lost money. You do not need to look further, I contacted Investigators247 ( They are a professional team of recovery experts with specialization and expertise in recovering money lost to these fraudster Binary options companies. Their service was incredible and the agent was really patient with me. They helped me recover over 85% of my money. I have my life back!

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