Islam is the most practiced religion in the world. Muslims are present in almost every religion of the world and practicing the teaching of Islam. It is the psychology of every Muslim to know about their religion, its aspect and the events which occurred in Islam. It is the most common question asked by the Muslim is that who the How Hazrat Ibrahim find his true creator?

As we all know that Hazrat Ibrahim was born in the house of an idolater. Since his birth, he used to see his father making the Idols from the wood, stone, and clay and as he completes it the people you to worship them and say them as their god. He used to see and laugh at the people like what kind of activities they are doing!

This idol was made by his father then who it can be the creator and sustainer? Idols can’t even protect himself then how can it protect them? These were the thoughts of the Hazrat Ibrahim. He from the start have the interest to find the actual creator. He started feeling angry towards his people, how can they worship them. The God is Greater, most powerful, and most magnificent.

He started the search for his real creator and one day Allah Almighty seeing his efforts opens his mind. When he becomes the Young men on one night we went to the top of Mountain. He saw stars and told people they can be my load. To see the Muqam e Ibrahim just with Ramadan 2018 UK Packages With 5 Star Hotel. To whom you can’t see in the day? Then he saw the moon as told his people is he my load? On daytime, I can’t see him. Is sun my creator? Who sets in Noon? The real god is the one who is forever.

I have turned my face towards him who created the heavens and the earth. And I never gave any partner to Allah. Our load is the one who has created the heaven, earth, and everything, he has the power over all he makes the star shine and sunsets. He changes to night and days.

After this, the Prophet Ibrahim then heard, as follows,

“Oh, Ibrahim” Hazrat Ibrahim then replied,

“Here I am my lord.” Then Allah said as follows,

“Submit to me! And be a Muslim.” He then fell on the ground prostrating and said,

“I submit myself to the lord of the Universe.”

And he stayed in the prostrated position until the day. This is how Hazrat Ibrahim was able to find his true lord and his creator. He is also known as the master prophet and due to him, Islam starts spreading he was the one who made the Holy Qibla the first house of Allah. It is the interest in the Muslims to see the footprint of Hazrat Ibrahim, so they used to do the ziyarah of Mukam-e-Ibrahim.

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