Cloud computing is basically the utilization of resources for computing, that will include both the software as well as hardware, distributed over the network. This is typically the internet. The term cloud computing has been derived from the symbol that resembles the shape of clouds used as a generalization for the complex infrastructure in the system diagrams that the data contains. Cloud computing relies largely on remote services with the data provided by the user, the software and the consequential computation as well. In order to understand the impact of fake cloud computing hosting on a business, the first thing you need to know is what exactly the false cloud hosting is.

Ever since the immense popularity that cloud computing has gained, the increasing number of companies are developing their own versions of cheap hosting software and calling them cloud server versions. However, such claims of having a professional web applications are actually misleading and false. The reason for fake computing services and their development is because of flexibility and effectiveness that the cloud platform has.

Cloud computing has been a much anticipated and exceptionally advance technique that could be very easily and conveniently implemented by the enterprises. The unique web solution enables easier and slicker administration of the business data and activities. Today, large number of companies are using the cloud environment, thus increasing productivity and efficiency of their business. As promised, the companies must provide effective web solution. Thus, organizations employing this technology experiences immense freedom and make their business management much easier, effective and productive.

Today, their are hundreds of companies round the world engaged in cloud computing services. Thus, their are many who are providing fake web applications. While, these false cloud computing software prove to be very harmful to business and results in huge loss to companies. Fake Cloud Computing Companies make use of premise software hosted by a VAR or value added reseller. In such cases, if anyone get trapped by their disguise, they may be subjected to long waits for upgrades, process integration and business viability of the fake cloud service provider.

Moreover, all providers promise 100% server uptime, unlimited bandwidth and disc space, with efficient customer service at very low prices. But, one thing should be noted that it is impossible to achieve 100% uptime. It can be 99.8% of 99.9% but never 100%. The same concerns with bandwidth and disc space. Reputation of a hosting provider is one of the another major issue. Unfortunately, in most cases, the clients do not check the market credibility and reputation of the hosting provider which turns into huge business failure. Thus, one should always go for the certified cloud computing provider to grow your business.

Fortunately, on the web, there are plenty of hosting reviews sites that provides more or less truthful reviews of the cloud providers. Hence, organizations should also look at these, before choosing any computing service. The best option is to go for companies offering the free trial hosting plan for a month or so. Thus, one can easily check the reliability of hosting services the provider is offering.

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