Is external noise making you crazy? The use of soundproof windows is the right solution you require to avoid the disturbance issue. Individuals living in towns suffer from sound pollution, which has joined light pollution as an extra nuisance that kills our love for a peaceful home. In our daily lives, we are full of stress and activities that engage the brain. We get sensitive towards the noise, and that's the reason we recommend using soundproof windows. It is hard to block sounds with low frequencies, such as garbage trucks.

However, it is easy to prevent noises with high rates, for example, birds chirping. Although there are different soundproof glass types, all of them work based on the same law of sound transmission. I advise you to shop for sound-reducing windows made of a single-pane window. Moreover, it has an average STC evaluation of twenty-seven. A dual-pane window comprises a score of STC of about twenty-eight.

How Does Soundproof Glass Work?

To stop unnecessary sound from outside, one must generate a barrier between the ear and noise that blocks the sound. In today’s era, we build our homes with walls, windows, and roofs that reduce sound waves from getting into the house.

To soundproof glass, you first coat it with an internal layer of specialized PVB, offering the best sound absorbing property. The laminated glass helps in reducing the transmission of noise. When you compare the soundproof glass to ordinary glass, soundproof glass reduces the amount of noise by almost 70%. To make the glass more useful, you can combine it with other glass types.

To raise a window's capability to reduce sound and increase its STC rating, then the manufacturing of the soundproof window should consider adding the mass to the glass to make it thicker. Also, the thicker every glass pane is, the higher its STC.

Secondly, the addition of air space between the panes will increase the distance between window panes. Lastly, it is essential to use a laminated glass that will reduce the rate of noise transmission. The window should comprise of a glass-plastic-glass sandwich.

CitiQuiet windows are inserts connected behind the current window. It so effective because it adds up to four inches of sound-reducing air. The interior window and the principle window with high inches reduce sound in the house. Depending on the type of noise in your location then, you should try a half-inch laminated insert with an STC of 38. It will reduce sound up to a rate of ninety-five percent.

Soundproof glass limits the amount of air going out through the small cracks during summer, and for winter, it saves the warm air. You can create a soundproof window that is energy-efficient by putting more low-E coatings. However, it is not easy to create an energy-efficient soundproof window unless you change its construction and glass.

Also, remember that if you want peace in your home, then get assured that the sound of silence will not come cheap. The cost of the soundproof glass depends on the quality and the extent of noise in your location.

A CitiQuiet insert can cost up to a thousand dollars, and the size of the supplement is a 3-foot-by-5-foot window. Include is the installation of the window and other activities in the initial price.

Also, you can get a custom-built soundproof window, but it is expensive with a cost of 10,000 dollars without an installation fee. I included the cost to give you one of the factors you can and should consider when learning about soundproofing. I hope it will be useful.


Always check your noise source to make sure that there the vibration sound gets controlled. Reduce half or more of the noise by selecting the right soundproof glass depending on your environment that prevents sound flanking around the wall and the windowsill. Always remember also to check the STC of sound blocked by using laminated glass panes that are soundproof.
The review will help you know how the soundproof glass will work before you decide to invest your precious money into it. Basically, you are entitled to learning about a product before you get it. Visit to find more information about soundproofing.

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