A nut is an attachment with a threaded, circular interior is used to lock several items together in conjunction with a bolt. If the objects are inserted into a bolt, a nut will twist to the bolt's end and protect the objects.Unfortunately, conventional nut loosening over time is not uncommon.For example, if one or more of the objects connected vibrate, they will knock the nut loosely.

Nevertheless, some nuts are designed to prevent loosening from vibration. These are also used in applications in which one or more attached objects create vibrations, known as lock nuts.A lock nut is also known as a rigid nut, a special form of nut which is not loosened by vibrations.

Industries used only two nuts in previously troublesome vibration applications. They will place a second nut on the bolt after putting a nut on the end.Whilst two nuts avoid vibration-related loosening effectively, it is not cost-effective for manufacturing companies working in large quantities.After all, in any situation in which a bolt is used, the cost of nuts is doubled for manufacturing firms, rather than for one.

Philidas turret locking nuts are perfect for industrial use and is also re-usable.

Locked nuts provides the defense against vibrationrelated loosening a simpler and cheaper solution.Manufacturers can secure many items together with just 1 lock nut without concerns of loosening the nuts with vibrations.

The locking nuts are typically not free rolling so they require more than manual rolling to be removed.They can stabilize and secure to the bolt on which they are used, even under strong vibrations.

Lock nuts have a special arrangement to prevent loosening when subjected to vibrations.Standard nuts are simply a simple threaded hole so they can be knocked out of the bolt on which they are mounted by repeated exposure to vibrations.However, clamping nuts protect against loosening by using a design which increases nut vibration resistance.There is a variety of lock nuts, most commonly metal lock nuts and nylon lock nuts.There is a crowned top available to protect the nut on metal lock nuts.

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