Being an Interior Designer sounds attractive, correct? The Interior designer job is not just who picks out fabric, rearranges furniture, but there is much more to the job. To be an interior designer you have to be very creative and good with colors and you have to be a good communicator as well.

There’s a lot more to be an interior designer, so let’s discuss what actually an interior designer does the whole day:

- Consult with New Clients- An interior designer has to consult with the new clients as well as with the existing clients. Consultation includes talking about the needs and wants of the clients, figuring out the budget and deadline, and discussing new ideas. The main part of the design is that it has to meet the expectations of the clients because if the client isn’t happy then the designer has failed.
Create Design Boards- After the consultation work, the designer moves to the creative work and that is using paint, fabric samples to design an interior. The design can be changed and refined after getting feedback from the clients. Ultimately, the designer creates a design with the help of a computer program.
- Design for Function and Safety- Designing is not only just about color and style. An interior designer should take care of the function of spaces. This means the designer should determine how people will move from one room to the other, how the layout of the kitchen, office, and hotel will reduce stress or will make it easier to work in. Designers should also keep in mind that rooms and buildings meet existing safety codes.
- Update Clients- Communicating and working with the clients is the core part of the job of an interior designer. They have to deal with upset and unhappy clients and provide updates to them on the progress of their projects. It is the tricky part of the job because sometimes there are unexpected issues that require extra expenses and designers won’t be able to understand the issues.
Our interior designers will suggest cheering up your home with playful, lively decorative items that’ll uplift your spirits and add a jolt of energy throughout your home. So go on, what are you waiting for? Make every space a beautiful one.

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