Doesn’t it seem we are finally living a sci-fi movie? Well, just hold a fantastic laser comb in your hand and you will realize what we are talking about!

The world has come a long way, from wooden combs to fancy combs to the latest – laser combs. It seems like technology is in every little thing we do.

So, what are these laser combs that are making waves in the market?

The manufacturers are excitedly announcing them to be the ultimate solution for people with male or female pattern baldness. Experts are enthusiastic about its potential benefits. And the users are on cloud nine.

What does a laser comb do?

Obviously, this handheld device is not for combing or detangling tresses! It is actually a hair loss treatment, devised in the form of a comb so that you can hold it conveniently and perform the treatment anywhere, anytime.

The comb, as the name suggests, uses tiny laser beams to stimulate follicles that are in the dormant stage. This encourages growth of new hair. The laser energizes follicles and help to strengthen hair roots.

Reversing miniaturization of follicles

A laser hair regrowth treatment comb reverses miniaturization of follicles to promote production of healthier and denser hair. Miniaturization is a condition when follicles shrink to the extent that they are, no longer, capable of producing healthy and normal hair.

Energizing chromophore cells

Do you know your follicles contain chromophore cells, which love color? They readily take in the laser light and convert it into energy. This triggers chromophore cells and energizes them.

Chromophore cells cannot accept regular light, as it is unable to penetrate at the cellular level. A laser comb uses wavelength of 650 nanometers. This is a specific light wavelength conducive for penetrating the chromophore cells and energizing them.

Fighting “peach fuzz”

Laser combs also help to stimulate Vellus hair, which are also called “peach fuzz.” These are the short, fine hair you can often find in the front part of your scalp. These are immature hair strands that are unable to grow like a normal hair strand.

The laser energizes their hair roots so that the hair can mature and turn into real hair.

Indeed, laser hair regrowth treatment comb is a promising device. If you are fed up of trying a slew of hair loss solutions with no results, this laser device can give you hope. Although pricier than your typical hair loss shampoo, the results are, no doubt, are priceless.

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