When men have adverse symptoms such as the urgency of urination, frequent urination, pain of urination, incomplete urination, and white urine dripping, it may be caused by male prostatitis. They should have a prostate fluid and prostate B-ultrasound examination. Prostate fluid can be obtained by massaging the male prostate.

Collection of prostatic fluid

First, the patient should be abstinent for 3 to 7 days before collection to avoid interfering with the original state of prostate fluid and affecting the diagnosis. On the examination day, the doctor massaged the prostate through the rectum and collected prostatic fluid. If no secretion is excreted after the massage, or the test result of prostatic fluid is negative, recheck after 3 ~ 5 days.

Understand the test results

Normal prostatic fluid is thin, light milky white, with protein luster and weak acidity. The amount of massage is several drops to two milliliters at a time.

When suffering from prostatitis, the liquid becomes thicker, the amount is significantly reduced, or there is no liquid to be collected. If it is reported as a yellow, turbid, flocculent, and purulent viscosity, it indicates a possibility of prostatitis.
If the prostatic fluid is red, it indicates bleeding, primarily seen in seminal vesiculitis, prostate tuberculosis, stones, malignant tumors, etc. Still, prostatitis or excessive prostate massage can also lead to bleeding.

Microscopic examination:

1. Lecithin corpuscles: when normal, the amount is large; In chronic prostatitis, the small volume of lecithin decreases; When the inflammation is severe, lecithin corpuscles can disappear. The number of lecithin corpuscles can reflect the severity of prostatitis to a certain extent. But the correctness of the results is related to the amount of prostatic fluid and whether there is a combined urethral infection or the sample is polluted. So, it is more reliable to use prostatic fluid microscopy to report the diagnosis of chronic prostatitis, which should be checked three times continuously.

2. White blood cells: normal should be less than 10 / high power field. Leukocytosis is one of the characteristics of chronic prostatitis.

3. Red blood cells: normal should be less than 5 / high power field. In addition to massage prostate overweight factors, an increase in red blood cells should consider prostatitis, tuberculosis, stones, or malignant tumors.

4. Prostatic granulosa cells: normal should be less than 1 / high-power field, and this cell can increase in the elderly. In prostatitis, prostatic granulosa cells can grow to 10 times the normal and can be accompanied by many pus cells.

5. Trichomonad: it should be normal if the test finds no. If found, it can be diagnosed as trichomonal prostatitis. The disease is mostly transmitted by sexual contact and is often associated with a bacterial infection.

6. Others: if sperm and amyloid bodies are found in the report, it is generally of no clinical significance.

Microbiological examination directly examines the microorganisms in the prostate with a microscope, which has a low detection rate and is difficult to identify. If it is necessary to identify the pathogenic bacteria of prostatitis, bacterial culture and drug sensitivity test should be done. Common pathogens include Staphylococcus, Streptococcus, gram-negative bacilli (often Escherichia coli), gram-negative cocci (often Neisseria gonorrhoeae), fungi, and Trichomonas can also be detected. If immunological methods are used, mycoplasma and chlamydia can also be detected.

If you are diagnosed with prostatitis, don't treat it as a terminal disease with a heavy psychological burden. Prostatitis is not incurable or incurable. It is a relatively common and non-life-threatening disease. After confirming prostatitis, men can seek treatment combined with good living habits that generally improve slowly. There is no need to bear a heavy ideological burden because of the misunderstanding that prostatitis cannot be cured.

Currently, there are many methods to treat prostatitis, and most of them are drug treatments. After a period of treatment, the clinical symptoms will be significantly reduced. If it is chronic prostatitis, the treatment time is relatively long, and you can choose the safe and effective traditional Chinese medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill. It can eliminate prostatitis-related symptoms without causing harm to the body.

The effect of physical therapy is also good, but physical therapy has the characteristics of recurrent attacks. Patients with prostatitis must go to the hospital in time for treatment. Most people can get a cure after proper treatment.

The above introduces in detail some diagnostic methods of prostatitis, and I hope it will help you. At present, the treatment of prostatitis is mainly based on drugs. Individuals also need to pay attention to their diet. They can eat more fruits and vegetables to supplement essential vitamins and minerals.

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