The hunt of the best and most suitable hair restoration clinic in India might prove to be quite the task. More and more people are now becoming aware of how convenient and long lasting a hair transplant is in most cases of severe hair loss; this has led to the demand of hair restoration experts and clinics alike. This increase in demand has also increased the number of clinics, which claim to offer good and high-quality services, but might not be making good on their claims.

This is why, if you are looking to get a hair transplant done, it is imperative that you do your research and choose a clinic that is truly worthy. But how do you do that – how do you choose the best transplant clinic. Here are 5 easy steps that should allow you to make the most informed decision:

1. Do the work – You are going to make a big decision, which means that you need to do the groundwork and research first. Talk to people who have gotten transplants, use the internet and do some reading to find out which clinics have a sterling reputation. You should be able to come across at least a handful of clinics and from there; you will be able to make the final choice. Don’t go by the large banners and hoardings and advertisements – your choice should be based on the actual clinic and the surgeons practising there. You need to make sure that the clinic you are considering has all the requisite licenses and certifications. If you are considering places that have already achieved an excellent reputation such as AK Clinics:, then you have little to worry about.

2. Consultation first – It is best that you not make your decision based only on the reviews that you read online – take the effort to actually visit the clinic that you are considering. When you enter, you should immediately feel a sense of positivity; the staff should take the effort to make you feel welcome and comfortable. The surgeon should give you a proper examination, checking the donor and recipient areas as well as understanding the extent of the hair loss and that would be the sign of a good hair restoration clinic in India. Several clinics will offer you a free first consultation, without any strings attached. This would also be a good time for you to clarify all the queries and the surgeon should take the time to answer all your questions.

3. The team makes the difference – When you are looking to get a transplant, you need to make sure that you do your research about the surgeons first. In the hands of a talented surgeon, who has a good amount of experience and expertise, your transplant will be not only be completed without any glitches, but will also yield the most natural looking results. Moreover, while you might pay attention to the surgeon and their qualifications, you also need to remember that it is not only the surgeon who completes the procedure. Without a properly trained and efficient staff, there is only so much that a surgeon will be able to do. So, when you are doing your research, make sure that the hair restoration clinic in India you are considering has the whole team package!

4. The infrastructure matters – Sure your surgeon matters, because you need to make sure that you are choosing a surgeon who has experience, expertise and knowledge under the belt. But needing the right infrastructure is just as important –after all, an artist needs his or her tools to create the perfect painting. While trying to identify a really good clinic, you should check the infrastructure on offer – are there proper procedure rooms, is each room equipped with modern machinery, are the tools sterilised for each person, is the room sanitised before and after each procedure and so on. At AK Clinics, you can actually request a tour and we will be more than happy to show off our clinics, which are truly state of the art!

5. Money matters – Its very easy to get swayed by the idea of discounts or offers, but you might want to take a moment to think logically. Good things tend to cost – would you trust someone who is giving away a brand-new sports car at a throwaway price? Any good clinic will have published rates and they will not have any hidden charges. In most cases, you will be given a fair idea of how much your procedure will cost, because during the examination, the surgeon should get a fair idea of how many grafts you will be needing.

At AK Clinics, you will not only have access to some of the finest hair restoration surgeons, but also state of the art machines and equipment. This is one of the places which would earn a tick for all the above-mentioned checkpoints!

Author's Bio: 

This article was written by Dr. Kapil Dua, a hair restoration expert & co-founder of AK Clinics. He loves to help people get their hair back and keep it healthy all the way.