A team is like a machine — but a living, breathing machine with moving parts. And those individual, moving parts need to work together to move your organization forward. So many factors can affect how your team functions: from personality and communication styles to workload and your corporate culture. And as your team fluctuates with corporate change, new hires, departure of key players, or changes in your team’s responsibility, how do you keep those moving parts working together?

For some companies, team building is considered any team activity that pulls you out of your regular environment, from lunch outings to corporate golf retreats. But team building, where you can expect results and improved interactivity within your team, is more than a spirited game of bowling.

Why facilitator-led activities?

A trained facilitator does more than lead a team building activity. A facilitator will take the time to learn what is working and what is not within your team; what challenges you face, what upcoming hurdles you need to be ready for, or what changes your team is still reeling from. A facilitator will then create an experience for your team that will be both engaging and enlightening — and deliver results.

What do you walk away with?

Corporate team building, as the term suggests, builds on a shared sense of community and purpose: you’re in it together! You’ll explore different methods of effective communication, and research and identify any roadblocks to your internal communication. You’ll focus on your goals as a group, and work through creative problem-solving in pursuing those goals. Add to that any specific topics your team needs, and you walk away with the actionable skills you need to keep those moving parts working together or get them back on track!

Come for the fun — stay for the education!

This isn’t a stuffy seminar. Done right, corporate team building is a fun and engaging experience! What’s better than a fantastic learning opportunity that you thoroughly enjoy?

Author's Bio: 

Colette Johnston is a Corporate Specialist in Professional Development focusing on soft skills related to effective leadership, presentation skills, and executive presence. For more than 15 years Colette has used experiential learning to help F500 organizations and the people who lead them to build skills around communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, trust and personality discovery.

Since a one-size-fits-all mindset does not fit in today’s dynamic business environment, Colette works with business leaders to develop individualized solutions through her consultative approach. Her years of knowledge and experience benefit a variety of different organizations from small business to Fortune 50 companies.

In addition to soft skills training, Colette brings Corporate Social Responsibility to her business partnerships with charity team building, inspiring positive change in the workplace and in communities.