How do you get traffic to your website should be one of the first questions that you think about when planning to start an online business. In creating an online business there are a number of things that you need to have to be successful.

You will need to choose a business model (affiliate marketing, product sells, content promotion, etc...) you may also need a hosting account, a domain and you may need a website. Some of these things are optional depending on which business model that you choose, but the one thing that you will need regardless of your choice of business models is traffic.

So, for everyone thinking about starting an online business one of the most important questions that you should get answered is “how do you get traffic to your website”. The good news is that there are a variety of ways to get traffic to your website, some will be better than others depending on your budget and how much time and effort you have to invest in them.

So with that in mind two of the most often used ways to get traffic to your website :

1.) Paid Traffic Sources - Pay per Click (PPC) is the option most often used for this type of traffic. This may be one of the quickest ways for you to get traffic to a new website, but it may also be the most costly ways as well. This method is not recommended for anyone without sufficient knowledge and experience in this area.

If you are interested in having your website business setup and run for you and you have the budget to cover the cost, then this might be a good option for you. But for most people starting out online for the first time, this is not a good option to start with.

2.) Search engine optimization (SEO) - With seo you can pick your business model and configure it in such a way as to have the search engines send you free traffic to your website at no direct additional cost. You did have to invest in getting your business model setup, but you will not incur any additional cost for the traffic that you receive as a result of your search engine optimization efforts.

For most people SEO is by far one of the best ways to answer the question “How do you get traffic to your website”.

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