After spending time creating your new masterpieces, artists find that they will need to frame the artwork in order to display it. When faced with a choice between glass and acrylic glazing, many fine art photographers, painters and other artists choose acrylic for its lightweight, a plus for pictures that will be hung up, as well as its anti-glare qualities. When framed artwork is on display, over time it can easily become dusty and get fingerprints on the glazing, and so artists often find that they need an economical and effective way to keep their acrylic glazing clean. Art gallery owners as well must have a means for making sure their showpieces always look perfect. The best way to clean acrylic glazing is with a couple of items that are easy to find and specially suited to the task. Brillianize anti statics products as well as microfiber cleaning cloths offer the best answer to the common question of, “How do you clean acrylic?”.

Fingerprints are likely the number-one culprit of what makes artwork framed with acrylic glazing or frames less than appealing. This can easily be remedied with a regular schedule of cleaning with acrylic glass cleaner as is available with Brillianize anti statics polish. This acrylic cleaner also works on glass with the same great results. Brillianize anti statics cleaner gives the glazing a very smooth finish. Another big benefit of using this acrylic cleaner polish is that it has excellent anti-static properties built into the formula. Surfaces with static get the dreaded “static cling,” which in this case means that dust is actually attracted to the acrylic glazing, but with an appropriate acrylic glass cleaner such as this, you will notice that dust is repelled from the glazing instead. Regular use of the product actually helps the glazing to resist scratches and even fingerprints. If your artwork is in a place where children or animals are present, it is best to use an acrylic cleaner polish that is non-toxic as well as one that contains no ammonia or alcohol, which this one is.

In addition to the proper acrylic cleaner, you will also want a polishing cloth that works well. Microfiber cleaning cloths are great for this purpose. The best acrylic cleaner polish cloths will save you money because they are machine washable, and effective because they are lint free.

In the end, the best way to clean acrylic glazing and frames boils down to what is the most effective and least expensive, and both qualities are found in the aforementioned acrylic cleaner items.

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