Shopify is one of the fastest growing ecommerce platforms. By simply followinga series of easy steps, you can set up an online store for your brand and start selling to your potential customers around the globe.  

This article will share the most effective and time-tested ways for Shopify or ecommerce marketing.

Create Content that Drives Traffic

Online businesses invest a great deal of effort in creating content for their websites. You must ensure that you are regularly feeding your followers with creative and informative content, so they continue having interest in your business.

While creating content/blogswhich would draw traffic to your websiteyou need to keep these things in mind:

  • Attractive contentis of central importance when it comes to drawing online traffic from blog posts.
  • Keywords are needed to be included into your content so that people are able to find your blogs on yourShopify website.
  • Write regularly to keep the audience engaged. If your interaction with your potential customers is intermittent through blogs then they might start losinginterest in your website at all.
  • Respondto every individual who raises a query or appreciates your workin comments section of your blog posts.

Use Facebook Ads

One of the most used methods to help your online businessesget viral is Facebook Ads. With a family of over a billion people fromaround the globe, Facebook is largest social media platforms which can act as the perfect place to market your Shopify store.

Things to remember when using Facebook Ads to market your Shopify business are:

  • Do not hesitate in making a small investment for your Shopify store in the form of Facebook Ads. Although money is spent on Facebook Ads, but the results which it produces is worth all the bucks.
  • Engrossingthumbnail picture and a catchy tagline are the prerequisites to make sure that people get attracted towards your Ads on Facebook.

Ensure Instagram Presence

Instagram provides an amazing platform for businesses to show the world what their products are by postingtheir pictures and videos.You can certainly market your Shopifybusiness by usingthe following strategy on Instagram:

  • A sponsored account is a must thing, if you want to promote your business through Instagram. Invest a small sum of money so potential customers can see your account in their suggestions.
  • Influencers can help youachieve the desired levels of online traffic flow; both on yourInstagram account and on your Shopify website. So, hire some influencers to see the desired results.
  • Hashtags also play a crucial rolein getting attention from potential online customers. In the description of your posts, use relevant hashtags to be seen by those who search those particular hashtags on Instagram.

Write Periodic Newsletters

This is where you can enjoy one on one interaction with your customers. Write periodic newsletters, either on weekly or monthly basis, and send them to all the emails you have on your list. There are applications that can automatically send the newsletter emails to all the email IDs you have saved in its database.

  • Content of your newsletters determines whether it will be given due importance by the receivers or not. So, make sure you provide them with the right kind of information through these online newsletters.
  • Pictureswhich you use in these newsletters should be colorful, catchy, and relevant.
  • Regularity is important when it comes to marketing your Shopify business through email newsletters. Therefore, make sure that the newsletters are regularly sent.

Adopt Traditional MarketingMethods

Although eMarketing has taken over the industrial economy but the traditional methods of marketing are still pretty much in vogue.You can certainly adopt these traditional methods to help your Shopify business grow:

  • Meet people and spread the word about yourShopify store through word of mouth strategy.
  • Set up salesonyour Shopify store and distribute pamphlets and brochures about it to the public.
  • Sponsor campaigns and organize events tohelp your Shopify businessget the much-neededlimelight among the potential customers because only those people will attend such events who are interested in the kind of products which you produce and sell online on Shopify.

With these easy and simple techniques, you can increase traffic to your Shopify store and expand your online business to the maximum level.

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