Mattresses provide a lot of comforts. It is better to sleep on a bed than on the floor. The mattresses are costly. If you don’t take proper care, you may damage them. That’s why using the mattress protector is advised. Using the mattress protector will keep the mattress safe for a long time. You don’t have to worry about the damages to the bed. Also, it will protect the mattress from stains and other liquid spills.

Keeping your mattress in good condition is always helpful. It provides you with the utmost comfort. It is essential to choose the right mattress protector. You cannot buy any mattress protector that you like. Performing the research is the integral part of the buying process. Here, you’ll learn how to choose the best mattress protector. 

Benefits of Mattress Protector 

There are numerous benefits of Mattress protector. The main advantage is that it prevents the damage from liquid spills. If you are allergic, then it prevents the dust and allergens from entering the mattress. By preventing the bed bugs, it increases the lifespan of the mattress. In short, a mattress protector comes with numerous benefits.

 Type of Mattress Protector 

Mattress Protectors are available in different types. The Fitted Mattress Protector is very much famous all around the world. It is similar to the fitted sheets. Also, there is a zipper protector. It is nothing but the fitted protector, which has the zipper to seal the mattress. There is a third type of mattress protector. The Strap protector covers the upper and lower surface of the bed. It has the straps that keep the sheet attached to the mattress. You have to choose the best one that you think will keep the mattress safe.


Mattress protectors are not made from a single material. Most of the time, they come with a blend of materials. Pure cotton is suitable for comfort, but not enough to protect the mattress. That’s why the manufacturers use a combination of different materials. Usually, the common materials used are Cotton, Polyester, Vinyl, and Polyurethane. Having polyester, vinyl, and polyurethane protects the sheet from liquid damages.


The size of the mattress protector is an essential factor you should not ignore. The size of the protector should be the same as the size of the mattress. You cannot use a single mattress protector with a queen size mattress or vice versa. That’s why, first know about the size of the bed, and choose the protector accordingly.

Double Size Mattress Protector

This is the double size mattress protector from Portico India. This mattress protector is made with 100% vinyl, which is hypoallergenic. It provides you the silky and soft feel when you lie down on the mattress. It’s a fitted mattress protector and suitable for King and Queen size mattresses. Buy this white double size Mattress Protector from PorticoIndia and protect your mattress. 

Mattresses are sizably expensive. It would be best if you did not neglect to take care of the same. It is essential to take care of the bed for your good. With Portico’s extensive collection of the bedroom essentials, you can make your bedroom shine out. Please keep checking the variety of Mattress protectors on our site. Buy the best ones, and you’ll be able to safeguard your expensive mattress.

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