Do you like interacting with children? Ever thought of wanting a job that will affect many lives in a creative and engaging learning environment? If so, being qualified as a teacher aide, education support worker, or home tutor might be a great move ahead. The Teacher’s Aide role is one of the most popular and in-demand careers for Australians who want to start a career in education.

A Teacher’s Aide assists classroom teachers with non-teaching duties such as preparing resources and teaching materials and performing general administrative classroom tasks.

To work as a Teacher’s Aide in Australia, you will need to complete a Certificate IV in Education Support in order to learn the necessary teaching strategies, behaviour management techniques, support strategies for students with disabilities and disorders, and how to assist the teacher with operational tasks. Wondering how to go about it? Take a look below.


As you move up on the road to becoming a Teacher’s Aide, you have enrol in a CHC40213 Certificate IV in Education Support at Step Into Training Services (SITS), a nationally accredited Registered Training Organisation (RTO). Gain the skills required to work in schools and communities and participate in our vocational course. Our experienced trainers will provide you with the essential skillset and knowledge to work in collaboration with both teachers and students in school and community settings.


A Teacher’s Aide has significant involvement in a classroom environment and moulds a child’s educational experience in their early schooling years. Let’s take note of the skills you need to play a key role in this profession. The desire to work with children must be accompanied by the following personal traits:

• Empathy
• Friendly and Patient
• Creative
• Understanding and Responsive
• Committed and Comforting
• Positive and Encouraging
• Organisational and Planning skills
• Effective communication
• Cooperative and Supportive
• Technological skills
• Flexible and Multitasking


As part of your Teacher’s Aide training course, you are required to perform the tasks of a teacher’s assistant during your vocational placement. You may work in registered and approved educational settings such as government or private schools, kindergarten, and special or community educational centres.


Qualifications at these levels are endorsed for education support workers throughout Australia. Guiding children to explore their potential and overcome difficulties is incredibly fulfilling. You play a vital part in the student’s life and watch them learn and grow as the school year develops. Advanced courses can also build your resume and your skills as you work your way towards the qualification. The projected job growth is expected to be 21.1 percent in the next five years. The most common annual salary in Australia for a Teacher’s Aide is between $ 55,000 and $65,000*.

If you want to take up this highly rewarding and appreciated role of a Teacher’s Aide, you should contemplate and unfold your educational career off the right way with a Certificate IV in Education Support from SITS. Within a short span you can be in the classroom capable of changing the lives of students thereby shaping a better tomorrow.

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